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Eonpass is an open protocol that enables the exchange of shipments data with integrity and proof of legal origin. We bridge existing risk analysis systems so that communication is easier between Logistcs Operators, Customs and Brand Owners
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We were born during the EUIPO Blockathon, blockchain against counterfeits, by winning the competition with our open source approach.

Eonpass is an open source peer to peer network tuned for shipments data, it creates an audit trail from the legal request of the Brand Owner down to the final delivery. It facilitates the creation of "green lanes" by streamlining the sourcing of certificates and the connection of existing IT systems, finally it creates a repository for all ancillary informations connected to the shipment like: temperature readings, layover times, handovers.

We also won Bitcoin2019 Liquid hack in San Francisco and Odyssey Momentum 2020 KLM air cargo compliance challenge.

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supply chain, logistics, blockchain, bitcoin
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No funding announced yet
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