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Artificial intelligence solution focussed on emotion recognition.
Long Business Description

Emotiva analyzes real-time people’s emotional responses by measuring micro facial expressions through a common webcam. Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to collect emotional data insights, useful to understand human behaviours.
The proprietary algorithms allow classifying complex emotions “in the wild” that cannot be determined with other algorithms thanks to the best-in-class accuracy. Emotion AI is a specific branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows the study and development of devices and applications with an ability to recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects.
In this field, Emotiva boasts excellence for research and development activities, such as the exclusive partnership in the academic world with the PHuSE Lab, Department of Informatics of the University of Milan.
The subconscious drives 90% of human behaviours, but in the market research area, nearly all measurements of advertising and media content remain on the surface with conscious self-reporting.
Our SaaS platform for predictive media analytics goes deeper, analyzing people emotional response in a simple way.
There are many fields of application for emotion recognition that we can support through our API service to successfully develop new applications.

Based in
emotion recognition, emotion AI, affective computing, Artificial intelligence
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K

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