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ECrowd! is the P2B lending marketplace for meaningful investments in Spain. We put owners of local investment projects in direct contact with investors that look for smarter ways to invest. By directly investing in these projects, they contribute directly to the local economy and to a better and more sustainable environment.
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ECrowd! is a Spanish based crowdfunding (P2B lending) platform for sustainable and profitable investments. With ECrowd! project promoters for positive impact projects have a rapid, reliable, easy and highly social and engaging financing solution. On ECrowd! engaged citizens can invest, starting from only €50,  into projects directly and in full transparency and receive a highly competitive interest rate in return. By investing into a project presented on the ECrowd! platform, investors support directly companies and projects they care about and which have a high social and environmental impact. In addition, every project on ECrowd! is assessed via a strict legal, financial and due diligence process.
The ECrowd! team consists of business and financial experts, engineers and programmers all with a wealth of experience in their respective sector and who all share a common vision to support the transition to a low carbon economy, to democratise the way sustainable projects get financed and transform financial operations into positive social engagement opportunities.
The pioneering work of ECrowd! has already been recognised by the Barcelona city council through their Barcelona Activa agency, the catalonia government business development program ACCIÓ and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Turism (ENISA). In addition, ECrowd! is licensed as a participative finance platform by the spanish market regulator (CNMV) and is a certified B Corp corporation.

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Marketplace, Crowdfunding, Investment Platform
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