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Dinabite is a unique marketing automation system for restaurants that aggregates the best marketing tools in a single platform, and uses AI to help develop the best marketing strategies, and maximise ROI. AI Patent Pending. EIS Approved.
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Today there are a large number of marketing tools available in many spaces, but each tool is a separate silo with a different model and reporting. Managing these requires significant time and effort, making the process slow, expensive, and lacking the combined market intelligence and cross-channel performance tracking.
Dinabite is a unique marketing automation platform for restaurants in the post-COVID19 marketplace. It includes four key features:
1. Aggregation : all the tools are combined in a single platfo rm for easy management and consolidated reporting.
2. Discovery : finds all the best marketing tools and channels for each specific restaurant and makes them easily available.
3. Business Intelligence : collects in real time all relevant marketing data and presents it in a structured way so that restaurant managers can draw conclusions and take action.
4. Artificial Intelligence : Learns about the market and gives predictions and recommendations to formulate the best strategies and use the best campaigns, personalized at an individual consumer level .
We have recently launched a £500k seed funding round, and 50% of that is already committed.

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AI, food, drinks, Restaurant Marketing, MarTech
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No funding announced yet
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