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DiGas is based in Riga, Latvia. The company is a pioneer in state-of-the-art dual fuel technology and has designed a game changing product for high horsepower diesel engine applications, particularly locomotives to promote competitive and sustainable transport in Europe, and globally.
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DiGas strives to shift global railway industry towards cleaner and more sustainable fuel – renewable natural gas (RNG). DiGas has developed a proprietary patented dual-fuel technology tailored for modernization of air-polluting diesel locomotives. DiGas dual fuel system delivers PM reductions of 70% and lowers NOx and CO2 emissions by 30% and 25% (CNG/LNG) to 70% (RNG), respectively. With additional 50% noise and 30% vibration reduction and a reduction in public health costs of 50 000 to 200 000 EUR per locomotive per year. To put this into perspective the conversion of 1 mainline locomotive using RNG has the equivalent impact of removing approx. 350 diesel passenger vehicles from the road. Approx. 50 vehicles per shunter locomotive. Additionally, the use of an advanced intelligent engine management system results in a 30% cut in the fuel costs, delivering a rapid payback for the customer while providing torque and performance matching that of a diesel engine.

Based in:
CleanTech, NaturalGas, Transportation
Total Funding:
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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