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Business Description
Architects Of The Metaverse.

Decentraland is a virtual world that is built on the blockchain. It allows users to purchase parcels and plots of land using the in-game cryptocurrency Mana. Since its launch, the virtual real estate market has been booming.

At Decentraland Architects we provide:

- A 3D Design And Animation Studio For Virtual Worlds.
- We Develop Your Vision For A Decentraland Real Estate Project.
- Our mission is to develop your plot into an attractive place for users to spend time and mana.

Custom 3D Architectural Animations
Come to us with your innovative vision and we’ll get to work developing a professional and lucrative virtual real estate investment.
Long Business Description

Talented Architects For Virtual Worlds

3D Modeling
Digital environments, creatures and buildings.

3D Animation
For a dynamic experience with animated buildings, creatures and environmental effects.

2D Art & Design
Art and design to support your concept through promotional content and NFTs.

User Interface (UI)
We will guide you through the process of Game Design.

User Experience (UX)
Project Development

We use creative thinking and a design sprint approach to gather the information we need to formulate our vision for each project.

This is achieved by taking into account the following:

- The structure
This would be the over all shape and feel of the building, and included everything that cannot be moved or duplicated inside the scene, to have a real life example, this would be the job of an architect.

- Props
We define as props anything that can be duplicated in the scene and doesn't belong to the structure, a bench, a painting or a vending machine would be a prop, in real life, this would be the work of an interior designer.

- Animations and final polishing
After everything is done we will invest some extra time giving life to the scene with animations and interactions. In conclusion, the job of an in real life wizard.

Based in
blockchain, decentraland, metaverse, VR
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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