CollaboraZon is an application for cloud storage of files and collaboration, which aims to combine the best of Facebook and Dropbox with more privacy and professional features.
Distributed teams need to share files and collaborate on them. This is usually done via email. Each one saving the attachments in their own PCs or servers, which takes huge amount of disk space.
Conversations are difficult to follow. Email is not a document management system, with several versions of same file being exchanged and each recipient having to manage them. CollaboraZon centralises files in a common place and allow conversations on these files in a user friendly way.

CollaboraZon is an application for cloud storage and collaboration, which aims to combine the best of Facebook and Dropbox with more privacy and professional features.
● The user can create a network of collaborators, any registered user can find other registered users and ask them to collaborate or invite unregistered people, in the same way you make friends on FB.
● Each registered user has disk space in our cloud, where he can create spaces and subspaces (like Windows folders) and upload any type of file he wants. Users can share these spaces and files with their collaborators, as Dropbox.
● Users can create posts, share them with collaborators and then talk, like FBposts and comments, but limited to users who share the post, similar to a group of WhatsApp. There is also the possibility of sharing a post but telling the system that collaborators will not be seen between them (as BCC in email), so the user who posted will have individual conversations in that post with people sharing,
but collaborators between them can not speak or see what others say. They can also comment on files uploaded or events created.
● User can update versions of files in the spaces once modified locally on their PC (no online edition available for now) and uploaded with the same name. Previous versions are stored in the system and can be accessed at any time; you can see the history.
● User can create events on a calendar and share them in the same way. This is useful to set reminders for the deadlines on revision of files, for example.
● User can do searches on collaborators, spaces, files, events, posts and comments.
● Notifications are sent (in-app and email) whenever an action is done on a shared space, file, event, post and comments.
● Currently the software is using cloud storage, but is also ready to be installed locally on a company and store files on its servers for additional security / privacy.

cloud storage, distributed teams
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