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Business Description
Cloaks is an app that helps you protect your sensitive photos from snooping eyes.

When you Cloak a photo, it is split into pieces that are randomized to camouflage the caption. Each image is Cloaked using a different algorithm, which is subsequently encrypted, meaning that the risk of a leak is extremely low.

As opposed to competing solutions, Cloaks has been designed assuming that private images will occasionally end up in the wrong hands. This is why we manipulate the original image rather than simply mask or hide it in another location. Also, Cloaks never saves the original, but only temporarily renders it on the screen by using key coordinates to reshuffle pieces back to their original position.

We aim to set a new standard for shared photos, and the upcoming release will include a Cloak sharing feature.
Based in
London, UK
Photo Tech, Data Protection, Cybersecurity
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