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Our technologies can be used for various cell types and applications, making it suitable for any companies active in the culturing of cells regardless of whether they are active in the field of cultured meat, cell therapy or biologics.

CellulaREvolution is a spin-out from Newcastle University and as such has strong academic and scientific roots, whilst now focusing on further product development and commercialisation.

The company has expertise in the design and bioactivity testing of peptide-based molecules for biotechnological applications. We have also developed a smart coating, demonstrating the concept of continuous cell manufacture.

Our novel approach is to move from traditional batch culture to a continuous culture system where cells are produced unremittingly. Cells are currently grown in batches, the size of each batch limited by the surface area upon the cells are attached. Importantly, batch culture technologies are not able to meet the demand for cells that we believe our continuous technology can address. 
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Biotech, cultured meat, bioreactor, cell therapy
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