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Cardiron is a company of three experienced people, Peter Koomen, Hans van Leeuwen, (both in electronics, sensortech/smart buildings) and Eelko Ronner, cardiologist, research and development.
We created a platform to care for those most in need. 85 year old ladies (and men) with heart failure.
It is a group depending on intensive health care their remaining part of their lives. More often than not, their doctors visits are too early (like a pre-scheduled visit) or late (and visit our ER, or get hospitalised.
Not only do we provide a non-intrusive platform for censoring, we too provide repetitive questioning with a patented method, designed to provide Big Data and deliver information a professional or family member needs.We see these 3 groups as our market, and simultaneously adding insights for parties involved by user interface and other research.
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We want to reduce the burden of care for those in need the most.
In the Netherlands roughly a third of heart failure costs (380 million yearly) is spend on over- 80 year old ladies (yearly approximately 22.8 billion for western societies)s. This reflects the large need, not only financially, it reflects the burden of disease. From a large personnel cardiology experience, more often than not patients come in late, with worrisome fluid overload in the legs, or incapacitating congestion of the lungs.
In over half of patients, subtle signs were missed that could have warranted action. Non cardiac hospitalisations play another important role. Quite the opposite however, is what we encounter at our out patient clinics. For example, regular appointments to check adherence to therapy and find signs of deterioration are cumbersome to patients and it might not be worth the hassle for some (up to 30%).
Home monitoring in these groups has rarely been tested, tests have demonstrated negative, or were performed in much younger (male) patients. We benefit by having a large senior network and as a senior cardiologist, dr Ronner alone has an experience of over 20.000 patient-contacts that inspired this endeavour.
A prototype is being tested, sensor tech is combined in this platform, to deliver data to family or health care workers to act if needed, to refrain from action when signs allow.
We cooperate with established academic partners and a large teaching hospital.
We provide a method and solution to save time, enhance health and reduce cost.
We aim at a selling price and a yearly contribution.
An investor can get help to deliver the predefined steps for licensing and CE mark and scale up there after.
We believe with a 3 million investment, we can deliver a unique platform for this multibillion market. We would appreciate to contact you if wanted.

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Delft, The Netherlands
research, health
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No funding announced yet
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