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Business Description
BurgSys develops cutting-edge software tools that enable to even non-experts a development of tools for quality monitoring, defect detection, product recognition, security, image and video annotation, segmentation and automation. The tools are based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence that automates design of advanced image processing algorithms - so no expansive and slow (when compared to our algorithms) IT experts are needed. Without the need for any programming skills, anyone can achieve state-of-the-art results easily and fast. Tools can run on private hardware or in a cloud infrastructure.

Company was established in 2012 and in 2017 released products to the market.
Long Business Description

We demonstrate capabilities of our products we prepared two demo videos:

Demo I.: How anyone - can train their own product recognition system in few minutes. In this case for example between car toys. The system is based on artificial intelligence, so anyone can train a detector to any use-case they need. No programming experience is needed.

Demo II.: How anyone can train their own detector of, for example in this case, Coca-Cola logo (or defects, scratches, ). Again, the system is based on artificial intelligence so you can train the system for any use-case. That all just with regular web-user experience needed.
(unlike the previous demo, position is known and because of that different technology is used).

Based in
Brno, Czech Republic
Quality Monitoring, Product Recognition, AI
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