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The car wash now comes to you, comfortable and eco-friendly! Forget about spending valuable time washing the vehicle, let us do the work. Bringwash send car wash detailers to any location in your area.
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With our own developed and branded waterless eco friendly car wash product we are able to provide our car wash service wherever and whenever people demands it. We have developed an online platform from where people easily can book time for a car wash and make secure payments through their mobile phones, computers or pads.
The waterless car wash is simple and the result is just as good as the regular car wash with water. We use our own developed waterless car wash product that is tested and made with help of a product specialist. Our product formula lift up the dirt to remove it easily and gives it a showroom shine together with carnuba wax protection, without any scrathes.
It’s not only the product that makes us green. Bringwash use only electric vehicles when serving our customers in different locations. Our product reduce the water consumtion to almost zero. A regular car wash consume somewhere between 100-300 liters of water, Bringwash use a maximum of 300 ml each car wash.

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car wash, eco-friendly, waterless
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