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Real-time diagnosis of bacterial contamination & hygiene with ReBIS.
At BOSETEIN we are at the forefront of developing novel real-time optical sensor to help food producers, retailers and packaging companies in ensuring safe and hygienic food for all.
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Each year foodborne illnesses sicken 600 million people worldwide and more than 23 million people in European region. Bacterial inspection methods have an important role in preventing this problem, but the slowness (requires 2 to 4 days to produce the results) of the present inspection techniques is a major hurdle. At times the results come after the product is already in the market, resulting in food recalls which causes huge losses and bad brand reputation for companies.

To solve these issues we are developing a Real-time Bacterial Inspection Sensor (ReBIS). It utilizes an optical sensor and innovative Artificial Intelligence algorithms to scan and predict the bacterial count and freshness level of food items in real time. The sensor is completely automated and does not require a trained personnel to operate it. Using this sensor the use of anti-microbials can be significantly reduced in food processing factories and the supply chain can be made more transparent.

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