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Business Description
BodyGraph specializes in smart wearables – you will know these from, for example, watches that keep track of your workout performances. However, BodyGraph takes this one step further. You will not only receive more data through smart sensors, but you will also receive an interpretation of this data. This way, you will get personal advice about your health and performance. Currently, work is being done on a shirt that is made from smart textiles, which has sensors that can give you real-time feedback about your health and performance. The smart shirt measures your breathing, heartbeat, physical activity, body temperature and dehydration. The goal is to turn the data into concrete advice tailored to you personally.

Taking smart wearables to the next level: taking your performance to the next level.
Long Business Description

Health is hot. More and more often, people want insights into their health. The current generation of smart wearables makes this possible, and provides the user with a lot of data. This data still needs to be interpreted, however. Because: what these smart wearables cannot do yet, is give you real-time feedback that is precisely tailored to your body and your situation.

BodyGraph wants to change this by using smart textiles and deep learning algorithms. With these, more data is collected, and the findings that are collected are processed in two different ways. There is of course the direct way, which you are used to from current smart wearables: hard numbers. However, BodyGraph adds another layer to this and elevates smart wearables to a higher level: giving you useful advice that is tailored to your personal situation.

Deep learning algorithms

For this purpose, all product user data is sent anonymously to a purposely designed cloud service. There, connections are made between the data, which will lead to new personalized insights for users. This way, a smart wearable, such as the smart shirt, learns from the user. This will result in increasingly more accurate and more personal advice.

Based in
Smart Wearables, Smart Clothing, Arteficial Intelligence
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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