BeNear is a revolutionary P2P platform, that enables urban communities to collaborate and solve daily routines in a trusted, sustainable and economical way.

Our Nucleus is to build Communities and provide a matching platform for them. We aim to group all sort of communities, villages, office buildings, sport clubs, universities, and corporate. What all have in common is the same geographical footprint and same needs based on time.

BeNear enables time and location based collaboration in a trusted economical and sustainable way

Housekeeping, senior caregiving, pet sitting, planting flowers and everything in between. BeNear connects trusted peers for micro-service exchange in a nearby location.Even its not the main motivation , individuals can make extra money just on the go.

Door-to-door pick up — Spontaneous or planned Daily riding.
Helps communities and urban families to share the ride and to transport their children and senior parents in a secure and sustainable way.

Cooking at home? Offer your home-cooked meals to your peers. A win-win, engagement with people, single household can mitigate the me-too delivery service and enjoy instead homemade food while saving time and money. Have too much food? Don’t throw it away, shareit, make the social impact and save the environment.

And no less… FAMILY CARE
Everyone has permanent worries about their families. Kids, Teenagers and Ageing Parents & People which we enable to remain @ home via inclusion in our daily life. … Whether you’re working, making daily plans, coordinating pickups, or just ensuring all is going well and everyone is at the place they should be.

Berlin-Tel Aviv
sharing-economy, collaborative-consumption, smart-cities, family care
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