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Befundo.com is a website where users find a property portal, a marketplace, a job portal and a local company directory to browse freelancers or find local services. When it comes to successfull online advertising, it's all about 'being found' on the already digital overcrowded highway. With so many nowadays possibilities, how to make the difference?

Let us first explain you what we do: Befundo offers an unique user-friendly way regarding information provision. The Befundo team has studied the most common search behaviour of people on the internet. We came to the conclusion that over 70% of all people using the internet every day look for searchterms such as; properties, market places to buy or sell things, find a new job, looking for local businesses such as finding a painter or plumber, information about cities and weather forecasts. All search terms and topics have basically nothing to do with each other and are one by one individual. That’s why we already find large and well-known companies and websites on the market such as Amazon, Zillow, Rightmove and Airbnb offering one of these search related subjects. Befundo, on the other hand, went on a quest to find out how all these components could be connected and whether there would be a need for it. That need is indeed there. Imagine how easy it would be if you live in Amsterdam and are looking for a job in another city, say Madrid. You can go to Befundo to see if there are any vacancies in Madrid available. For the sake of convenience, let's say that there is a vacancy that suits you completely, what now? On most other websites you can respond, send your resume, then wait until you get a response and there it’s ending. However, at Befundo, you can quickly and efficiently also find out whether there is housing available in Madrid for you and which products (new and second hand) are offered for sale in the area, if you need a bed or couch, for example. Does the house you have in mind in Madrid also have to be painted? You can also find that information in no time at Befundo. Not only information about the available vacancy, but also current housing supply, information about the city, local companies, services and what is offered for sale is easy to find on Befundo. Befundo has succeeded as a pioneer in perfectly integrating the most used searched terms on the internet with the aim of providing consumers with the most important information without switching between different websites of different providers. If consumers know how to find their way to Befundo, then advertisers do so also. We can state with certainty that every local advertiser enjoys global recognition with us. Only then have succeeded in connecting consumers and providers!

Well, that's how we improve our user experiences every single day. But Befundo.com is not only about our users. In the end we need to satisfy both users as our advertisers. As a fast growing company Befundo.com won several startup competetions and succeeded in Angel funding and Series A. At this moment we openend our funding in Series B. The way we keep advertisers happy, is the way that advertising is only paid by results PA's resulting in PL's. We have the highest CPL per visitor on today's portal market. Is there any explanation for? Because users like to visit Befundo.com and like the way we provide them from clean, clear up to date information. We drive target audience to our website and while browsing our website we will take you on one big digital adventure.

Befundo.com uses colourfull happy colours and the way we express ourself, we share those emotions with our users. This results in actions and actions results in leads. With every module on our website we offer advertisers an easy to use but powerfull CRM platform, so you can stay close connected from your Befundo.com dashboard with your clients and keep them interested for all your services and products.

For investors we offer interesting investment packages with an ROI of 12.8% (guaranteed) yearly if you join our investment round in SERIES B,C or D. Not only we offer you every year your ROI percentage, but if you are sick and tired having a Befundo.com share after 3 years we buy your share back. We can not promiss you golden mountains, but if Befundo.com reaches our forecasted goals within 5 years, than we advice you to hold on your shares for minimum 5 years and your capital may grown over 300%!
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