Apastrof Platform

Apastrof Platform
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Apastrof Platform
Business Description:
We’re thrilled to introduce the first Business growth and international investment recommender
platform, that finds you a great investment opportunity with data-driven, personalized
recommendations. We’re leveling the playing field for Investors, Business Owners, and buyers with the
most powerful force in the world: the truth. Our main focus is on providing the best solutions for the
business owners, investors, and High Net Worth individuals who are looking for Incentives of
International Investment. These incentives can be paying lower taxes, using local government
subsidies, joint cooperation with local partners, or getting residency, and citizenship by their
investments. The main challenge for this category of investors is finding the right case for
investment, hiring reliable brokers in the market, also finding local legal, and advisory firms to
perform their investments and obtain the incentives. There’s nothing worse than finding a surprise
after your investment, paying your hard-earned money and then finding out that the business that
you acquired, doesn’t make any tax relief for you, or doesn’t give you the residency opportunity. The
“perfect investment” is different for everyone, and it’s so much more than IRR or Annual Revenue.
Yet regular brokerage sites only give you that basic info. Want to know more about what are the
incentives that you can gain? you are on your own. “Apastrof” helps you find a great Investment
that’s just right for your lifestyle. Our team of data scientists, Financial analysts, and legal advisors
using the AI recommending system show you which investment is the best fit for your needs, and tell
you the whole truth about all procedures and costs that you will have to reach your ideal. No
surprises or regrets after investing. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind recommendation engine for
individuals and SMEs.
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Invesmtment Recomender,
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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