Workstreampeople has taken a unique approach with respect to the development of its Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center (UCC) using all the advanced capabilities that Microsoft Lync 2010, 2013 and Skype for Business had to offer.

Apart from being fully native to the Lync environment, we took special care to integrate the product suite within the whole enterprise software ecosystem of Microsoft. Seamless interaction with Exchange, Dynamics CRM and many other (third party) applications, as well as easy trigger definitions using SharePoint are just a few simple examples where Anywhere365 shines.

Apart from being a fully-fledged UCC, based on the latest technology, Anywhere365 takes it a step further, by providing an advanced means to track, manage and monitor all the dialogue events within a firm. Sophisticated data mining and pattern tracking solutions are readily available, which allow for sophisticated business intelligence capabilities, such as the detection of dialogue patterns, capacity bottlenecks or compliance violations. Due to the robust, highly scalable, but also extremely flexible implementation, Anywhere365 has been built to easily incorporate future business requirements without significant additional overhead.
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