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76 Top Medical Device Startups and Companies in Italy (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Italian-based Medical Device companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Medical Device industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting-edge startups to established brands.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, Innovative route to market, Innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management and Societal Impact

Top Medical Device Startups in Italy

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

PATCHAI: Cognitive platform embedding an empathetic virtual assistant for patient engagement and real-time data collection. They believe empathy and human-centricity are the energies to fuel the world. They work every day to bring innovation into today’s healthcare systems.

MMI: Developer of novel robotic solutions for unmet medical needs. MMI has developed the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. It offers the surgeon motion scaling and tremor elimination.

ALBA ROBOT: Adds autonomous driving through artificial intelligence to electrical personal vehicles. An Impact Company that provides a modular and configurable platform to integrate autonomous driving, voice assistants and robotic technologies into fleets of people movers.

COMPUTATIONAL LIFE: Digital avatar to design medical solutions. Altegos a cardiopulmonary digital twin for shock patients. It is able to predicts the future effects of the treatments on the patient affected by shock.

AORTICLAB: Advanced transcatheter solutions boosting the success in restoring the aortic valvefunction. An innovative start-up that offers high-tech cutting-edge solutions in the treatment of AORTIC STENOSIS, which affects millions of people in the world.

NEWRONIKA: Restores brain and body functions with innovative technologies. They translate their deep knowledge on biosignal decoding into clinical practice, with the aim of improving treatments, health and wellness. Building Brain Computers.

KLISBIO: Silk-fibroin tissue engineering technology platform. A clinical-stage regenerative medicine company. They are developing several innovative technology platforms based entirely on natural silk fibroin, which allow for the creation of various solutions.

RESTORATIVE NEUROTECHNOLOGIES: Focusing on the development of medical devices and innovative solutions for rehabilitation. Develops protocols for cognitive well-being. Mindlenses Professional, Their flagship product, is a medical device and patient management solution.

D-EYE: Provides portable eye and retinal imaging system. D-EYE is changing medical care around the world by allowing healthcare professionals to quickly screen for problems, photograph and distribute them digitally via various secure wireless solutions.

BIOTECHWARE: Business venture which conceived a telemedicine integrated platform for remote cardiac monitoring, aimed at pharmacies. Italy’s Top Provider of Cardiology Exams Remote Reporting Services. Design and develop software and hardware solutions and platforms.

INTA SYSTEMS: Developer of lab-on-a-chip for biomolecular analysis through the combination of nanotech and artificial intelligence. Innovating sensors through intelligent nanotechnology. INTA Systems is the first deep-tech spinoff of CNR-NANO and the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.

COMFTECH: Design and produce sensing garments easy to dress and use for continuous non-intrusive monitoring of biomedical parameters. Creates and sells wearable monitoring systems made from cloth. Smart garments enable accurate measurement of a range of physiological parameters.

EULERIA HEALTH: Provider of digital rehabilitation devices and solutions for better recovery of patients. Measurable and motivating rehabilitation, from clinic to home | Biomechanical assessments and reathletization. They help movement professionals to better follow patients.

ANGIODROID: Medical technology company offering an automatic injection system for carbon dioxide angiography. Angiodroid SpA is an Italian innovative Company that projects and trades solutions for the medical market. The CO2 Injector is our main product.

TENSIVE: Biomedical startup established in 2012 to develop innovative prostheses aiming to substitute silicone implants. Developing advanced biomaterials for regenerative medicine applications, with a current focus on reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.

ENDOSTART: Developed a novel proprietary Magnetic Balloon Anchoring Technology. Endostart is a startup founded in 2018 for the development and manufacturing of a new generation medical devices for gastrointestinal endoscopy. Magnetic Innovation.

STEM SEL: Develops, engineers, produces, and commercializes of an instrumentation (related consumables), called Celector(R). The innovative SME, spin-off of the University of Bologna, which invented and patented Celector. Based on a proprietary technology, patented first in Italy.

DIANAX: Develops and manufactures labs-on-chip aiming to transform protein-based diagnostics. Dianax (Milan, Italy) is an emerging developer, manufacturer and marketer of cost-effective, mobile in-vitro diagnostics devices to be used at the point of need.

SVAS BIOSANA: Operates in the field of planning, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. An Italian Hospital and Health Care company. Founded in 1972 and specializes in the distribution of medical appliances. Began in 2012 with the Elite project.

NIMBLE ROBOTICS: Designs and sells innovative medical devices for rehabilitation. Nimble Robotics has embarked on the journey towards the development of innovative medical devices for lower extremity rehabilitation. Their first exoskeleton is called Reho, Rehabilitation Hero.

AXXAM: Focused on the development of small molecule drugs with the ability to target inflammation directly. Privately owned innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO) providing, since its inception in 2001, excellent quality services in the early phases of drug discovery.

CV LAB: Incubator fully focused on cardiovascular innovation. Selects the most promising ideas and turns them into spin-offs that can be funded by international venture capital. Capitalize on the experience of entrepreneurs and specialists with strong expertise in the biomedical sector.

SMART CLOT: Medical device company. A new tool for measuring the haemorrhagic and thrombogenic potential “ex vivo” of patients affected by cardiovascular diseases and/or thrombotic-haemorrhagic disorders, and for monitoring the effects of anticoagulation and antiplatelet drug therapy.

NEURON GUARD: Developing a medical device the new standard of care for targeted temperature management of brain damages. Developed a therapeutic collar that helps healthcare professionals to manage patient temperature by reducing the complexity of the treatment.

DIAPATH: Private company operating independently and distributing its own products world-wide. Their experience in the anatomic pathology market, they successfully provide high quality products and customized services to hospitals and laboratories all around the world.

ABICH: Provides research and analysis services on manufacturers of cosmetics, medical devices and other consumer products. Abich laboratories develops new and updated methods on biotechnology field to verify safety and efficacy of cosmetics and medical devices.

GENERAL MEDICAL MERATE: Develops advanced equipment, including remote-controlled, radiographic and specialized x-ray systems. GMM has been established in 1952 in Italy and the total today’s group turnover is around 150 milions Euros.

NOVAGENIT: Researches, develops, manufactures and markets within orthopaedics bioabsorbable implantable medical devices and technology. For over 15 years has been dedicated to the study of new biomaterials in combination with innovative approaches for tissue regeneration.

TSUNAMI MEDICAL: Manufactures medical devices designed especially for the spine surgery and diagnostics invasive procedures. one of the leaders in Spine technology innovation, focusing on 3D printed solutions for Spine surgery. Refers to +20 years of experience in manufacturing.

QUIPU: Specialized in Medical Imaging and Innovative Ultrasound Technologies. A company founded in 2011 as a spinoff of the Italian National Research Council and the University of Pisa, Italy. Developed and is commercialising its first two diagnostic ultrasound software applications.

VALUEBIOTECH: Medical device company helping surgeons with robotic tools that can be integrated into the operating room. Imagine a robot that allows surgeons to operate in the abdomen, passing through a single incision or the natural orifices without leaving any visible scar.

PLUMESTARS: Innovative PMI specialized in drug delivery to lung for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Established in September 2013 out of a patented technology claiming the molecular deposition of fatty acids on drug microparticles to improve their aerodynamic behavior.

VIROSTATICS: Small pharmaceutical company that develops novel compounds for a multifaceted treatment of cancers and viral diseases. Key focus in oncology and active in virology testing drugs, disinfectants & devices against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses.

BEL: Designs, develops, manufactures and distributes certified medical devices. BEL was conceived as a slim, young, polyhedric company with a deep technical knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in the design, clinical testing and manufacture of innovative devices.

FLUGANTIA: As knowledge broker in the open innovation paradigm context, they convert research into commercial success stories. An innovative start-up established in 2018 as a joint-stock company with a focus on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

NEURAB: Technologies for neurocognitive rehabilitation on a tablet for patients with acquired cognitive impairment. In particular, it developed a software with specific exercises to rehabilitate specific cognitive deficit, aiming at providing a restoring as well as a compensative intervention.

l’ACN: Manifacturer of measurement instruments for gamma and beta radiactive emissions and X-rays. Producers since 1975 of equipments for  Nuclear Medicine and DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). Its mission:  Inventiveness, Quality , Safety. 

OPHEALTH: They are ipsum pain sit amet aeeatt consectetuer adipiscing elitseder diam nonummy. Lorem Ipsum hasbeen standard daand scrambled. Rimply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. They Take Care Of Their Healthy Health.

COSMED: Privately owned company manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic, and Body Composition diagnostic equipment. Founded in 1980, with global headquarters in Rome (Italy). COSMED primary goal has always been to improve the quality of its products and services.

CA-MI: Specializes in the production of surgical aspirators, aerosoltherapy devices and thermal inhalators. Exports to more than 100 countries and responds to the requests of the home-care sector and medical operators and industry professionals.

CROS NT: They are a global team of passionate specialists that deliver innovative, high quality, tailored biometrics solutions. Develop your therapeutics for patients in a smart, innovative and cost-efficient manner. Part of Alira Health, leading international healthcare.

ZCUBE: The Zambon Group’s research venture, actively exploring innovative solutions for patient health. Zambon is a modern healthcare company founded on the history and values of an Italian family and committed to innovating cure & care to improve patients’ lives.

EXOSOMICS: Offers a portfolio of services supporting. Exosomics is a company located in Siena (Italy), founded in 2011 with the aim to leverage the EV potential for diagnostic purposes. Provides a range of pre-analytical solutions able to enrich tumor-derived EVs and exosomes.

BIONIT LABS: Design, Development and Production of Innovative Medical Devices. Med-tech Italian company which applies Information Technologies to Bionics in order to Turn Disabilities into New Possibilities. Their Mission is not limited to the restoration of upper limb amputees’ basic functionalities.

BTS BIOENGINEERING: Develops clinical solutions based on innovative technologies. Capturing human body movement since 1986. The future of healthcare and sport science move with us DISCOVER BTS’S WORLD. The Motion Analysis Specialists.

MIR: Offers medical devices which are used in lung diagnostics. Medical International Research was established in 1993 and it is now considered a global partner able to promote innovation and to be a landmark thanks to its advanced technology, software and Telemedicine application.

PQE GROUP: Life science service provider company. PQE Group is a women-owned Contract Quality Organisation and Complete Quality Solution provider for GCP, GLP, GMP, GVP & GDP areas in the Life Science Industry. As an international group of over 2000 employees.

NTC PHARMA: Pharmaceutical company that develops products on initiative or on request on a global level. NTC stands for Novelty, Technology, Care. NTC is a R&D driven pharmaceutical company that develops products on initiative or on request on a global level.

RECORNEA: Developer of a corneal medical device to restore the physiological curvature of the cornea. Recornea is a pre-clinical stage medtech ophthalmic company developing therapeutic solutions for treating diseases of the cornea, such as keratoconus and corneal transplants.

MY AIRGO: Develops non-invasive medical respiratory sensors designed for realtime minute ventilation and breath dynamics monitoring. Their product, Airgo is a patented, CE certified non-invasive proxy for spirometry, sleep disorder screening and ICU respiratory pattern detection.

SPENCER: Manufacturer of medical equipment. Spencer is one of the leading manufacturer of emergency, safety, rescue and mortuary devices in the world. Since 1989 we have provided rescuers, medical staff, ambulance builders and funeral directors with state-of-the-art equipment.

AB MEDICA: Offers the production and distribution of medical technologies, as well as a reference point for surgical robotics. Founded in 1984, ab medica is today the leading Italian company in the production and distribution of medical technologies and wearable medical devices.

MEDICAIR: Leader in Home Care services and has been providing home and medical care for almost 30 years. They support the National Health System through hospital services and home care for patients, such as oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition and telemonitoring , as well as to producea and distribute anti-decubitus.

LUMENIS: Medical devices manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1982, The world’s largest energy-based medical device company for aesthetic and ophthalmic applications, employing 1500+ resources worldwide. Employing 1500+ resources worldwide.

GENETIC: Integrated pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, manufacturing, licensing and medical devices. Genetic SpA is a company based out of Italy. Quality, Sustainability, Value of Care. They are driven by the passion they have for what they do best.

TECRES: Leading independent player in the bone cement and biomaterials space. Tecres stands for TEChnology and RESearch. Specialized in acrylic resins, since 1981 we work strictly together with surgeons developing innovative, safety and effective medical devices.

MEDICAL-NOTE: Digital tools to facilitate communication, data collection, clinical cases processing for healthcare professional. Medical app and software company born in 2018 whose purpose is to simplify daily tasks for surgeons, optimize preoperative planning and minimize complications.

SIDAM: Manufactures and markets biomedical devices and solutions for operating rooms, gynecology, and intensive care needs. As an SME with double-digit growth, Sidam can prove its capacity to do business in an industry strongly connected with research and innovation.

UBT: Works on the measurements and use of electromagnetic fields in medical devices, and it is a pioneer in microwave imaging. Founded in 2015. Develops and commercializes a portfolio of innovative medical imaging devices based on cutting-edge microwaves technology.

M2TEST: Operates as SAAS that provides analysis services for the evaluation of the elasticity and fragility of the bone. The goal is to improve people’s lives through the prevention and monitoring of fracture risk with a validated, simple and safe test.

VISIONIX: Develops robotic and interconnected technology with the aim of improving people’s health. As the population steadily increases, so does the number of eye diseases and disorders. They want to provide patients worldwide with better access to eye health resources.

SAES: An advanced functional material company. The unique expertise of SAES Group in the field of materials science translates into an outstanding R&D facility, committed to technological excellence and able to keep the Group at the forefront in innovation capability.

MEDTRONIC: Italian company with a European identity, one of the pioneers and protagonists of haemodialysis. They lead global healthcare technology and boldly attack the most challenging health problems facing humanity by searching out and finding solutions.

ElEn: One of the leading global players in the LASER world providing industrial, medical and conservation laser solutions. El.En. SpA, is the leader of a Group based in Florence, with an international market about laser world for many applications. The Future in a Beam.

DELOS: Med-Tech company that developed the most effective system and methodology to reactivate the control of equilibrium. Single stance stability based on proprioceptive control prevents injuries and falls, and improves performances.

COC FARMACEUTICI: Produces pharmaceutical products for ophthalmic use and inhalation, plus cosmetic products. Pharmaceutical CDMO specialised ophthalmic, oral, nasal, respiratory. Serving major Italian pharmaceutical companies since 1990 specialise in contract manufacturing.

OMNIDERMAL: Specialized in the realization of devices equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms applied to applied to dermatology. Inventing & building medical machines using AI technology to create the future for healthcare providers & patients. Founded in 2017.

BBZ: Engaged in the development of hardware and software tools for medicine and surgery. Recently established spin off of the University of Verona. The main field of operation of the company is the development of hardware and software tools for medicine and surgery.

CARDIOLINE: Design and the manufacturing of highly performing medical located in Milan. Since the early ‘60s, generations of physicians in Italy and abroad have chosen the electrocardiograph “Cardiolina” as a partner in their practice, whether private or hospital-based.

EB NEURO: Specialized company in the field of Neurophysiology instrumentation. Origins, through Esaote and the BASIS research company, date back to the 1950 when Electroencephalography & Electromyography were becoming popular as diagnostic investigation techniques.

BRM EXTREMITIES: Develops medical devices that help rectify joint movements. an Italian company active in the design and production of orthopedic medical devices aimed at extremities. Inserted in an open and dynamic system of continuous technological innovation.

UNIVET OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGIES: Specializes in the design & production of eye protection devices for the industrial, medical and laser sectors. A revered Italian brand, stands as a luminous beacon within a dynamic international group. Illustrious heritage spanning over 25 years.

OENGINEERING: It all starts with an enlightenment. A company working on innovative solutions for a wide range of market segments. In particular they are active in the development of devices and systems merging optics, electronics, software and mechanics.

BIODUE: Develops, manufactures and markets medical devices, dermocosmetic products and food supplements (solid and liquid). Founded in 1986. BioDue is a consolidated industrial and commercial enterprise oriented towards the research. Made in Italy, Inspiring Globally.

EMATIK: System is a biotechnology firm that specializes in providing skin wound care through patient blood. Ematik is the line of PRP-based veterinary products for regenerative medicine, each product is designed for a specific application. PRP or platelet-rich plasma can be extracted.

KILKO: Supplier that delivers intestinal medical devices for hospitals. A medical device company that works to enable people with chronic bowel disorders to live a better life. We’re building a center of excellence to find solutions for people with bowel disorders through innovation.

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