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73 Top Electric Vehicle Startups and Companies in The Netherlands (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Electric Vehicle companies based in The Neatherlands. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Electric Vehicle industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Electric Vehicle Startups in The Netherlands

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Lightyear: Based in the Netherlands, Lightyear stands out as a pioneering solar electric car company. They have developed an ultra-energy-efficient automotive platform that harnesses the power of the sun. Their innovation promises a future where vehicles rely less on conventional energy sources, driving the evolution of sustainable transportation.

GreenFlux: is dedicated to driving the future of electric vehicles. They empower customers by accelerating EV adoption and promoting the use of sustainable energy with their advanced EV charging platform. Their technology bridges the gap between energy solutions and end-users, making electric driving more accessible.

Fastned: is more than just a charging network; it represents the nexus of sustainability and convenience. They provide fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles, sourcing their power from renewable sun and wind energy. This ensures drivers not only charge quickly but also with an eco-conscious ethos.

GO Sharing: Tapping into the booming e-mobility trend, GO Sharing has pioneered a system where e-scooters are discoverable via a mobile app. This startup offers an electric alternative to traditional transportation, making inner-city commutes more eco-friendly and fun.

NewMotion: As an Electric Mobility Service Provider, NewMotion is at the forefront of powering the e-vehicle revolution. Their solutions and services ensure electric vehicles stay charged and ready, simplifying the EV experience for users across the board.

Etergo: represents innovation in electric mobility. With a keen focus on developing cutting-edge electric vehicles, this company promises a future where transportation is not just efficient but also environment-friendly.


EVBox: A global frontrunner, EVBox specializes in manufacturing electric vehicle charging stations and crafting superior charging management software. They combine hardware and software solutions to provide seamless charging experiences for EV owners worldwide.

ROCSYS: Charging automation is the hallmark of ROCSYS. They utilize advanced technologies to streamline the EV charging process, ensuring efficiency and reliability every time a vehicle docks at their stations.


Amber: isn’t just another mobility service. They guarantee on-demand mobility solutions at all times and are in the process of developing an electric car, specifically designed for sharing. This approach promises more sustainable urban transportation.

VanMoof: Based in the heart of urban innovation, VanMoof stands at the forefront of e-bike design and development. They craft urban e-bikes that promise a seamless commute, ensuring riders reach their workplaces without the strains of traditional biking, thus redefining the future of urban mobility.

Kiwi Mobility: Revolutionizing short-distance travel, Kiwi Mobility offers a cost-effective and delightful solution for city dwellers. With their service, trips within the city become more efficient, allowing users to pick-up and drop-off at their preferred locations, ensuring utmost convenience.

Scoozy: is reshaping the concept of personal mobility. Offering a smart, safe, and fun alternative to conventional mobility scooters, Scoozy ensures users have a modern solution that doesn’t compromise on style or safety.


Tiler: In the age of wireless technology, Tiler leads with its innovative charging solutions. They specialize in manufacturing wireless chargers tailored for e-cargo bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, and even autonomous cargo vehicles, ensuring a future where cables become obsolete.

eDRV: With a focus on cloud solutions, eDRV presents a comprehensive API platform crafted specifically for electric vehicle charging. They integrate various services to ensure a streamlined, efficient charging experience for all EV users.

Everon: stands as a beacon of adaptability in the e-mobility landscape. Their platform, renowned for its compatibility, offers users unparalleled control over their charging infrastructure, making EV charging a hassle-free experience.

e-Traction: Pioneering in the realm of powertrain technology, e-Traction has carved its niche by designing, developing, and implementing direct-drive solutions for e-mobility, ensuring vehicles are powered with utmost efficiency.

Tuk Tuk Factory: is not just about vehicles; it’s about experiences. By offering unique and joyous driving adventures globally, they also champion environmental sustainability, ensuring a green footprint with every drive.


Chargetrip: Revolutionizing electric vehicle navigation, Chargetrip introduces its Smart EV Routing system. Offered as an API SaaS platform, it ensures EVs find the most efficient routes, integrating charging points and optimizing energy usage.

Trikelet: Merging style with functionality, Trikelet boasts a foldable electric scooter design. Perfect for urban commuters, its design allows for easy towing, making daily commutes a breeze.


Elbibi: Introducing a fresh perspective on commuter vehicles, Elbibi promises both intelligence and health benefits. Their vehicles stand out as a beacon of innovation, ensuring commuters enjoy a sustainable and health-conscious ride.

Last Mile Solutions: A leader in e-mobility solutions, Last Mile Solutions promises a seamless EV experience. By offering advanced EV charging and smart energy management platforms, they ensure electric vehicles are always powered and ready.

Ride Check: Navigating the e-scooter market, Ride Check offers an intuitive online application. Their service ensures users have access to electric scooters that promise punctuality, ensuring destinations are reached on time.

Blue Current: Serving the automotive heartbeat, Blue Current drives the evolution of electric mobility. They support the industry by promoting electric driving and ensuring the landscape is populated with ample charging points.

MisterGreen Electric Lease: Stepping into the future of vehicle leasing, MisterGreen Electric Lease has emerged as a rapidly growing entity. They focus on providing eco-friendly vehicle leasing options, ensuring drivers enjoy modern vehicles with a green footprint.

Eco-Movement: stands as a trusted independent authority in the realm of electric vehicle charging. They specialize in providing comprehensive data on charging stations, ensuring EV users can effortlessly find a convenient and reliable spot to power their vehicles.

QWIC: Venturing into the future of cycling, QWIC is renowned for manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge electric bikes. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability has redefined the biking experience for many.

MORE: is the one-stop e-shop for e-biking aficionados. They offer a curated collection of luxury e-bikes and a wide array of accessories, including branded merchandise, top-tier helmets, and more, ensuring riders are equipped with the best.

EasyGO Benelux: Pioneering in e-commerce solutions, EasyGO Benelux is dedicated to the realm of electric mobility. Through their platform, users can explore and purchase an array of electric vehicles and related products, reflecting the future of transportation.

BLX: With expertise in automotive electronics, BLX is a game-changer in the EV industry. They provide holistic solutions, ranging from state-of-the-art automotive electronics to top-notch electric car installation services.


EMobility Consulting: is the guiding light for entities looking to embrace electric vehicles. Offering expert advice, they assist both companies and government bodies in implementing efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure and management systems.

NXT Motors: Reimagining the future of motorcycles, NXT Motors crafts electric motorcycles that are a fusion of innovative design and advanced technology. They oversee the entire process, from designing to marketing, ensuring each bike reflects their commitment to excellence.

Biro: is a renowned name in the Netherlands, celebrated for their range of electric cars. Their vehicles, known for their efficiency and design, are a testament to their commitment to sustainable urban mobility.


Oxxio: A stalwart in the electric utility landscape, Oxxio has been powering the Netherlands with its reliable services. Their operations underscore the importance of sustainable energy solutions in modern society.

COCO Automotive: Passionate about the future of transport, COCO Automotive dedicates itself to the design and development of electric cars. Their innovative approach ensures that every vehicle they produce is both eco-friendly and avant-garde.

Multi Tool Trac: Addressing the niche of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, Multitool Trac excels in manufacturing electric vehicles tailored for rigorous tasks, from agriculture and greenkeeping to intricate soil research.


EMOSS: Boasting vast experience in electric mobility, EMOSS is a name synonymous with innovation. They specialize in developing, manufacturing, and supplying advanced electric and hybrid power trains, driving the future of transportation.

E-Bike Choppers: is where style meets functionality. They specialize in crafting uniquely designed electric bike choppers, complemented by a range of top-tier accessories, ensuring every ride is an experience in itself.


Taxi Electric: Redefining urban commute, Taxi Electric is a premier service offering electric taxi solutions. Catering to diverse needs, from corporate transport to airport transfers, they promise a green, efficient, and luxurious ride.

Premium Bikes: Passionate about cycling, Premium Bikes is a digital haven for bike enthusiasts. Their online platform showcases an extensive range of e-bikes and cargo bikes, catering to men, women, and children, promising a ride for everyone.

Smart Mobility Innovations B.V: Pioneering urban mobility, City Smart Bike offers a curated range of electric folding bikes. With both online and offline store availability, they ensure accessibility for all biking enthusiasts. Their bikes combine innovation with convenience, allowing for easy transport and storage, ensuring an efficient commute.

Electric Lifestyle: Stepping into the future of e-mobility, Electric Lifestyle stands as a distinguished dealer of electric skateboards. They combine style with technology, offering boards that cater to both professionals and hobbyists. Passionate about propelling the electric skateboarding scene, they redefine urban transport.

Mobi-Care Stadskanaal: Serving the healthcare sector, Mobi-Care Stadskanaal is committed to ensuring mobility for all. They excel in the sale, maintenance, and repair of care aids, providing solutions that enhance the daily lives of many. Their offerings are designed to keep user convenience and safety at the forefront.

Green Drive: is the go-to webshop for cycling aficionados. Their inventory boasts a wide variety of bicycles, from e-bikes and electric mountain bikes to tricycles. Additionally, they offer an array of parts, accessories, and tools, making it a holistic shopping destination for bikers.

Micro Step: Crafting innovation on wheels, Micro Step offers a unique range of 3-wheeled scooters and compact folding scooters. Catering to both adults and children, they ensure a fun and efficient mode of commute. Their products emphasize design, safety, and convenience, setting them apart in the market.

Scooterplaats: emerged as the ultimate online portal for scooter enthusiasts. It provides expert consultation for buying and selling new and pre-owned scooters, mopeds, and related accessories. By bridging sellers and buyers, they ensure a seamless and trustworthy transaction experience.

Carice Cars: is redefining automobile aesthetics with its range of stylish electric cars. As a privately held company, they fuse innovation with design, producing vehicles that are as efficient as they are eye-catching, making green driving a luxury experience.

Fiets is Foetsie: Empowering the community, Fiets is Foetsie provides an online platform for individuals to report and share their stolen bicycles. Through their portal, users can post photos and details of their missing bikes, rallying the community to assist in their recovery and promoting a collective sense of responsibility.

itemstore.nl: Setting the pace for e-mobility, itemstore.nl is an online retail hub dedicated to electric scooters. Their collection boasts a variety of models, ensuring that every rider finds their perfect match. They prioritize quality, offering scooters that combine durability with performance.

Ebikesets: is the ultimate online destination for e-bike enthusiasts. Their store showcases a vast range of e-bike motors, frame batteries, luggage carriers, cables, and other essential accessories. With a focus on quality and innovation, they ensure that every ride is powered to perfection.

Retro Scooters Hengelo: is a name synonymous with impeccable service in the realm of electric vehicles. They offer specialized repair and maintenance services, ensuring that every electric vehicle remains in optimal condition. Their expertise and dedication set them apart in the industry.

PLANDA: Catering to diverse needs, PLANDA is an online retail store offering an eclectic range of products, from children’s bicycles to garden machines and pet food. Their inventory is curated with care, ensuring quality products that cater to various household and recreational needs.


Blast Bikes: Celebrating the fusion of vintage and technology, Blast Bikes is the premier distributor of vintage electric bikes. Their portfolio caters to men, women, and children, ensuring every rider travels in style. They honor the past while propelling the future of biking.

 Ewheely: is the digital marketplace for the future, dedicated solely to electric vehicles. It connects sellers with potential buyers, ensuring a platform where the best of electric mobility can be explored, compared, and purchased, promoting a greener tomorrow.

Technozom: stands out in the e-mobility scene as a leading online store for PRO electric scooters. Their offerings are tailored for those seeking advanced features, top-tier performance, and sleek designs, ensuring every ride is a step into the future of urban commuting.

De fietskamer: Championing sustainable mobility, De fietskamer offers both new and second-hand e-bikes. Their selection prioritizes quality, ensuring every customer gets a reliable and efficient ride. Whether you’re a seasoned e-bike rider or a newbie, De fietskamer has something for everyone.

ESmaster: is the digital destination for electric scooter enthusiasts. This e-commerce shop provides a curated range of electric scooters, emphasizing quality, performance, and design. Whether commuting or joy-riding, ESmaster ensures a superior electric experience.

E-BikeWorld: A beacon in the e-bike landscape, E-BikeWorld provides a selection of top brands in electric bicycles. They emphasize not just sales but also impart careful advice, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect match. Their unwavering commitment to quality and service sets them apart.

123e-bikes: Bridging the digital and the sustainable, 123e-bikes stands as a dedicated e-commerce platform offering a myriad of e-bikes. From daily commutes to leisurely rides, they cater to all needs and preferences, promoting a greener future one ride at a time.

Better e Bike: is where customization meets e-mobility. They offer bespoke electric bikes tailored for individuals of all ages, ensuring a unique ride that resonates with the rider’s personality and needs. It’s not just a bike; it’s an experience.

Hordijkfietsen: is the online haven for biking enthusiasts. Their digital shelves house a vast selection of bicycles and accessories for men, women, and children. From daily commutes to weekend adventures, they ensure everyone rides in style and comfort.

Future Wheel Technology: Redefining personal mobility, Future Wheel Technology pioneers in crafting high-tech electric unicycles. Integrated with self-balancing technology and a host of features, their products are the epitome of innovation, ensuring a thrilling yet safe journey.

Elektrische Fietsexpert: As the name suggests, Elektrische Fietsexpert is a digital maestro in the realm of electric bicycles and accessories. From the latest e-bike models to essential accessories, they provide everything under one virtual roof, making e-mobility accessible and enjoyable.

Fiets Ombouwcentrum: Enabling a green shift, Fiets Ombouwcentrum offers conversion kits that turn conventional bicycles into e-bikes. As a leading importer and distributor, they empower individuals to take a step towards sustainability without compromising on their beloved bicycles.

EBikeOnline: A one-stop-shop for biking needs, EBikeOnline provides an array of bicycles, e-bikes, and related accessories. Their digital platform simplifies the shopping experience, ensuring every cyclist finds their ideal companion for the roads.

De Groene Tweewieler: Pioneering electric mobility, De Groene Tweewieler offers everything from electric two-wheelers to conversion kits. Beyond sales, they also provide repair services, ensuring that every electric ride remains in prime condition.

Mistral Wheels: Elevating the biking experience, Mistral Wheels specializes in hand-made carbon road wheels. With precision and craftsmanship, they cater to professional cyclists and enthusiasts alike, ensuring optimum performance with each spin.

Fietsunie: A name synonymous with quality in e-mobility, Fietsunie offers electric bicycles, parts, and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. With both a webshop and a physical workshop, they cater to all e-bike needs, ensuring every ride is smooth and enjoyable.

E-SCOOTER.FRL: Spearheading electric transport, E-SCOOTER.FRL stands as a trusted dealer of electric scooters. Their offerings combine style, efficiency, and performance, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional scooters.

 As Tuning: Lighting up the automotive world, Astuning offers a vast range of LED lighting, accessories, and styling products. Their webshop caters to car enthusiasts, ensuring every vehicle not only performs well but also looks impeccable.

Q-tronic: Powering the future, Q-tronic provides cutting-edge electrical component solutions and subsystems for electric vehicles, predominantly in the Benelux region. Their expertise ensures vehicles run efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

SOIOS: SOIOS is at the vanguard of green transportation, manufacturing, operating, and selling eco-friendly electric vehicles. Their creations prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance or style.


WRAPONLINE: Making vehicles stand out, WRAPONLINE specializes in wrapping cars, scooters, and motorcycles. Their expertise ensures a unique look, allowing vehicles to sport a distinct identity on the roads.


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