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54 Top Sustainability Startups and Companies in Berlin

This article showcases our top picks for the best Sustainability companies based in Berlin. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Sustainability industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We picked companies across the size spectrum from cutting-edge startups to established brands. We selected these startups and companies for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

  • Innovation: Idea, route to market, product
  • Exceptional growth and strategy
  • Management
  • Social impact

Top startups focusing on sustainability in Berlin

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Plan A: They provide corporate carbon accounting, decarbonization, and ESG reporting software. Their certified software automates emissions calculation, aids decarbonization planning, and ensures regulation-compliant ESG reporting for businesses.

ecolytiq: Sustainability-as-a-Service solution helps banks and fintech companies show customers their real-time environmental impact from purchases. It calculates personal CO2 values and offers educational content, enabling consumers to reduce their footprint and access impact compensation options via their marketplace.

Quentic: Quentic provides software solutions for EHSQ and ESG management. Their platform includes modules for safety, risk, compliance, and sustainability, helping organizations efficiently manage processes and meet ISO standards.

Alpakas: Advocates for a more sustainable grocery experience. They are committed to eliminating single-use plastic, promoting sustainable sourcing, using fresh and local ingredients, and providing transparency regarding the environmental impact of their products.

Goodcarbon: Dedicated to facilitating access to both established and emerging projects across soil and forest ecosystems, alongside high-quality Blue Carbon initiatives in collaboration with Oceans 2050. Their daily motivation is rooted in a commitment to quality, integrity, and meaningful impact

Staiy: Berlin-based platform for sustainable shopping. They curate responsible fashion brands, assess them for sustainability, and educate their community through their Magazine to encourage conscious fashion choices.

Evercity: Evercity UG is a Techstars portfolio company that launched a SaaS sustainability platform at UN COP 26. It automates sustainable finance processes for Institutional Investors and SMEs, including EU Taxonomy screening, Green Bond Framework creation, digital asset issuance, climate risk assessment, and impact reporting.

Carbon Mobile: Established to expedite the global shift towards sustainable, high-performance materials for connected devices. Carbon steps in by substituting these materials with cutting-edge composites, crafting the sustainable, lighter, thinner, and stronger devices that will shape our future.

FoodLabs: Pan-European VC investor and venture studio that focuses on food, sustainability, and health. FoodLabs invests across the food value chain and has been an early investor in notable European FoodTech startups like Infarm, Meatable, and Mushlabs, continuously seeking new opportunities for innovation in the food sector.

eco.mio: Employee-inclusive software for achieving climate targets and cutting travel costs. Rather than enforcing strict travel policies, it empowers business travellers to make eco-conscious choices. Through gamification, it motivates travellers to reduce their carbon footprint and travel expenses voluntarily.

Changers.com: Fit App, promoting health and motivation among employees in corporate wellness and CSR initiatives. They also provide the Climate Coin City app, designed for Climate Change mitigation in urban areas and municipalities.

Project Eaden: Project Eaden engages in the development and licensing of technologies for the production of sustainable food and meat alternatives. Their plant-based whole cuts aim to create a world where animals can thrive without being on our plates while ensuring our palates won’t miss out on anything.

Climatiq: Driving climate action through data and insight. They offer an open global emissions dataset and provide the technical infrastructure for meaningful climate footprint reductions. With collaborative efforts, they ensure accurate climate impact data. Pairing it with a user-friendly API and powerful computational tools allows for real-time emission calculations.

Send Me Pack: A startup on a mission to eliminate the massive problem of packaging waste generated by e-commerce. They offer a tech-supported closed-loop system that provides companies with a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging. This not only helps reduce packaging waste but also eases the strain on fulfilment centres and logistics companies.

Concular: Their software enables the creation of building resource passports for both new and existing construction projects and facilitates the diversion of materials from landfills during deconstruction efforts. Concular also provides support for the procurement of circular materials and circular planning.

Sunday Natural: Committed to holistic health, offering ultra-pure supplements sourced sustainably. With a focus on science and transparency, they provide a wide range of high-quality products, from superfoods to essential oils. Their dedication to fairness and environmental responsibility sets them apart in the industry.

Squake: With a single API plug-in, it enables precise carbon calculations across various activities, automating the compensation process from vendor selection to credit retirement, all while adhering to national and international standards.

HARPOCRATES Solutions: RegTech company, provides a SaaS platform powered by AI and NLP to streamline compliance for B2B and B2C customers in the context of regulations like GDPR and Basel III/IV. Currently seeking Pre-Seed investment opportunities.

MERSOR: Functioning as an All-in-One Solution, they handle the entire gifting process from conception to delivery on behalf of their clients. Their Gifting-as-a-Service approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free gifting experience, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between top-notch quality, budget adherence, and brand-compliant personalization.

Codio Impact: They unlock sustainability performance for their clients. They automate the way organizations manage and report their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data, while ensuring full compliance with the newest regulations and leading standards.

Kleiderly: Specialized in recycling unwanted textiles into a sustainable plastic alternative, reducing textile waste and replacing oil-based plastics. They offer products like eyewear made from recycled textiles, fostering circular fashion while sourcing materials locally in Europe for an eco-friendly production approach.

Moot: “Made Out Of Trash,” specializes in upcycling textile waste into innovative products. They repurpose resources such as bed linen, blankets, and sofa cushion covers to create items like shirts, jackets, and bags. MOOT operates in both B2C and B2B sectors, selling their upcycled products through their online shops.

Home One: They celebrate home as a place that grants them freedom and flexibility in their daily lives. Their Minimal House defies housing market conventions, focusing on comfort, quality, and usability instead of square meters. The Cabin One Minimal House is their contribution to shaping the future of living and cohabitation.

FixFirst: GreenTech startup, is on a mission to promote circular services like repair, making them accessible to all. Their software platform streamlines collaboration between circular service providers and brands, enabling material exchange for reuse. They envision a world where product repair is prioritized to save up to 14 Gt of CO2 by 2030.

Thermosphr: They develop thermal management systems for commercial buildings, optimizing HVAC settings in real-time for over 30% energy savings. Their proprietary technology stems from extensive research in thermal optimization and data science. Their mission is to make buildings more sustainable and profitable through innovative thermal engineering.

INAM: They accelerate deep tech startups and complex innovations by creating an ecosystem connecting industry leaders, investors, and research institutes. They host tech-focused events, offer startup programs, and organize the “Future of Computing” conference to advance materials solutions for computing.

Bit Capital: Asset management firm, known for actively managing equity and crypto funds targeting future tech leaders. Their research-driven approach and proprietary investment technology underpin their holistic investment strategy. Regulated by BaFin, their diverse team of financial experts and tech enthusiasts operates with a tech company mindset.

Klim: Klim is fostering a collaborative movement involving farmers, businesses, and consumers to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture. Their goal is to swiftly reduce CO₂ emissions, enhance soil health, and promote biodiversity, thereby playing a crucial role in climate protection while ensuring sustainable yields.

Palamo: They serve as an end-to-end partner for tailored, high-quality labels and packaging. Customers can personalize their products through Palamo, taking advantage of comprehensive design and legal services, flexible minimum order quantities, competitive pricing, and expedited delivery options.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe: Berliner Wasserbetriebe, annually delivers 204 million cubic meters of pristine drinking water from nine waterworks and treats 261 million cubic meters of wastewater at six sewage treatment plants. Their extensive network spans nearly 19,000 km of pipes and sewers.

WeGreen: Functioning as a marketplace with a selection of 5 million products, featuring a unique traffic light system that amalgamates sustainability ratings from trusted sources and product attributes. Users can make well-informed purchases directly from 150 available shops, emphasizing sustainability and transparency.

bookitgreen: A platform connecting travellers with eco-friendly accommodations worldwide. Guests can save water and reduce CO2 emissions, with one tree planted for every booking. Their simple leaf rating system highlights accommodation sustainability, making it easy for travellers to make environmentally conscious choices.

D2C ReCommerce: They specialise in sustainable returns and overstock management, offering quality checks and reconditioning for products received from partners. D2C sells these items Europe-wide, serving both consumers and businesses, with a strong commitment to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy through its services.

ReviewForest: Berlin-based they assist businesses in acquiring more reviews while ensuring that for each new review generated, a new tree is planted. As official partners of Plant-for-the-Planet, Eden Reforestation Projects, and ReForest Now, they actively contribute to environmental conservation.

score4more: They are dedicated to empower companies to champion sustainability within their business operations. Leveraging AI and digital technology, they focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives to drive sustainable practices and positive impacts.

Motherland: An ecosystem orchestrator that brings together communities and selected startups to solve a community’ challenge and unleash the power of sustainable development systemically. They accelerate the development of the communities and the startups to materialise measurable impact at scale.

GO2 Markets: They empower companies to pursue sustainability goals efficiently, offering market expertise, digital tools, and a global network of renewable commodity suppliers. They facilitate global trading of environmental products, including Energy Efficiency Certificates and Carbon Emission Reduction, promoting sustainable practices worldwide..

CarbonZE: A climate tech company, that empowers businesses to quantify, reduce, and report their environmental impact. With an all-in-one platform, they automate carbon and ESG reporting, offering tools for carbon estimation, supply chain visibility, and carbon offsetting. Prepare for EU legislation and streamline your sustainability efforts with CarbonZe.

ecocode GmbH: They specialize in crafting sustainable custom software solutions to shape a promising digital future for their clients, aligning with their mission of “Features For Future.” Their commitment to open-source development reflects their belief in the power of collaboration to generate enhanced value.

Christ & Company: Christ&Company Consulting GmbH, based in Berlin since 2018, combines advisory and investment services. Their team, including experts in Sustainable Strategy, Communications, and Ventures, is supported by seasoned senior advisors. They hold multiple investments in growth companies as business angels and venture builders.

BLS Energieplan: Founded in 1984, BLS Energieplan has steadily expanded its engineering services portfolio over three decades. Their expertise spans Renewable Energy Generation, Plant Engineering, Building Systems Engineering, and Energy Consulting.

time2sustain: They specialise in fostering startups dedicated to addressing sustainability challenges. With a focus on achieving a tenfold innovation impact, they aim to drive transformative changes in areas such as carbon reduction and positive social impact through digitization.

Holistic Capital: Investment firm that specializes in supporting sustainable and holistic companies and organizations. The company’s portfolio includes investments in entities that actively promote a healthy environment and engage in socio-cultural initiatives.

SBCA: Multidisciplinary organization specialized in shaping cities and regions through sustainable concepts, consultations, exhibitions, and digital innovations. Their holistic approach tackles diverse urban and regional challenges, promoting harmonious and sustainable coexistence within communities.

COBIOM: Warm innovation organization that cultivates sustainable solutions by uniting diverse experts. They prioritize radical collaboration, drawing inspiration from biological biomes, to address complex challenges and create value for all stakeholders.

LOOM Impact: They specialise in developing dedicated financial products and platforms designed to bridge the financial gap necessary for achieving the UN 2030 Agenda. Their mission revolves around connecting businesses with positive social and environmental impacts on the capital market.

Cradle 2 Conscious: An agency that advocates conscious and sustainable practices for brands and individuals. Their certification signifies a commitment to ethical production and environmentally sensitive marketing, fostering a holistic approach to sustainability.

Ignore Gravity: Serving as an experimental hub for envisioning and creating the future. They specialize in fostering entrepreneurial collaboration, challenging organizations to overcome their inherent gravities in areas like innovation and leadership.

Dach Vermieten: They specialise in developing, selling, and installing photovoltaic solar systems, catering to commercial and industrial clients in Germany. They offer services like rooftop and open space rentals for photovoltaic installations, enhancing property value.

Lime Flavor: Based in Berlin, this agency specializes in creating impactful and sustainable digital solutions. They offer strategic advice and implement online activities, refreshing concepts, and user-friendly ideas. With a strong portfolio, they excel in website relaunches, app development, and social media optimization.

Energicos: They specialised in reducing energy waste through Big Data and self-learning heating systems. They promote a transparent, digital heating market that empowers consumers to use energy efficiently. With their expertise, they assist B2B clients in achieving sustainable heating, resulting in cost savings and resource conservation.

Project Sixto: They specialise in online shop management, startup support, and digital transformation consultancy for SMEs. They oversee a range of projects, from sustainable interior products to digital tools and web design. With a team of founders, developers, and consultants, they offer agile solutions for a diverse array of internet projects.

Umweltdruck Berlin: Umweltdruck Berlin specialises in high-quality and environmentally responsible printing services. They provide personalised guidance from paper selection to eco-friendly shipping and prioritise working with certified partners. They assist companies in obtaining environmental certifications and promote transparency within the industry.

sustainable natives: Cooperative consultancy, uniting experts to drive sustainable transformations for businesses. Their holistic approach covers strategy, communication, stakeholder engagement, and more, fostering economic success with a focus on sustainability.

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