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Berlin-based Likeminded acquires mental healthtech whylab to strengthen group formats in the workplace

Mental health in the workplace is an increasingly important topic. And companies like Berlin-based Likeminded have made it their mission to make it easier for employees to access psychological support formats. Recently they announced the acquisition of whylab, a Berlin-based startup specializing in group formats and intelligent peer coaching, Likeminded strengthens its USP in group formats.

Likeminded offers employees quick and easy access to support formats for more mental well-being and personal growth. Founded in 2021 by Luca Lea Kleene and Sarah Reitz, whylab has been focusing on smart group formats for the past 2.5 years and has found them to be extremely effective for their customers. “Now we can bring this expertise to Likeminded’s platform and reach even more people,” said Luca Lea Kleene, co-founder and CEO of whylab.

Likeminded’s group formats can already keep up with one-on-one sessions in effectiveness and quality, allowing companies to support their employees more cost-effectively. “The acquisition of whylab is a critical step in realizing our vision to comprehensively promote mental health in the workplace,” added Kimberly Breuer, psychologist and Co-CEO of Likeminded.

In 2020, Likeminded was born from the idea of empowering more people than ever before to realize their full potential with one solution. Initially launched as a B2C company, Likeminded reached 7 figures in revenue within 12 months with its B2B approach. It also won major clients including Jack Wolfskin, Oliver Wyman and sennder.

In August 2023 Likeminded successfully completed a seed funding round of €5.9 million from prominent investors, including Holtzbrinck Digital and existing investor Heartcore Capital. Their plan for the near future is to become Europe’s premier mental health solutions platform with an important focus on enhancing AI-driven personalization alongside scalable formats.

Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo is the Head of News at EU-Startups. He has been extensively covering startups, venture capital and innovation ecosystems, including contributions to numerous publications such as Sifted, Entrepreneur and Forbes. Through his work as an editor and writer, he continues to shape the narrative surrounding the best stories of the tech world.

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