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CarbonNeutral’s European expansion: Embark on a journey to offset your carbon footprint… automatically (Sponsored)

CarbonNeutral, a fast-growing provider of carbon-offsetting solutions, has recently announced the expansion of its innovative service to 18 European countries. The company facilitates seamless integration with most bank accounts across the region, using Open Banking APIs. This move is expected to attract a larger user base, with CarbonNeutral aiming to reach 100,000 users by the end of 2023.

The smart carbon-offsetting service, which was initially launched in the United Kingdom last year, revolutionises the way individuals track their carbon footprints. Unlike traditional methods that require manual logging of daily activities and purchases, CarbonNeutral’s unique system leverages the power of Open Banking APIs to retrieve users’ bank card transactions and estimate their carbon dioxide emissions.

The company firmly believes that this combination of accuracy and convenience will encourage people to take a closer look at their personal CO2 emissions and empower them to address the climate crisis themselves. By seamlessly integrating with over 3,400 international and regional banks, the service provides users with a comprehensive overview of their carbon footprint.

Once users connect their bank accounts to CarbonNeutral’s platform, the system automatically analyses their transaction data and calculates the associated carbon emissions. This enables users to gain valuable insights into their everyday activities and make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact.


In addition to tracking carbon footprints, CarbonNeutral also offers automated monthly offsets to its users. Through contributions to trusted global projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions, the company helps individuals achieve carbon neutrality. According to CarbonNeutral’s website, the cost of achieving carbon neutrality for an average European citizen is around  €9 per month, inclusive of fees.

The company mentioned: “With the automated offsets tracking your monthly activities, you are further incentivized to make sustainable lifestyle choices, as these reduce the cost of your monthly carbon-offsetting bill. What’s good for the planet is good for your wallet, and vice-versa,” By combining financial incentives with environmental responsibility, CarbonNeutral encourages users to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a greener and better future.

The expanded coverage across 18 European countries underscores CarbonNeutral’s commitment to promoting carbon consciousness on a larger scale. By utilising Open Banking APIs and collaborating with numerous financial institutions, the company aims to create a user-friendly experience that empowers individuals to combat climate change effectively.

With its seamless integration, accurate carbon calculations, and automated offsetting, CarbonNeutral’s smart carbon-offsetting service is poised to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability across Europe. As the company expands its reach and attracts more users, it hopes to drive meaningful change and inspire a global movement towards a carbon-neutral future.

Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
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