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Transforming the food tech sector: 10 promising French startups redefining the industry

France, renowned for its rich culinary traditions and mouth-watering delicacies, is now at the forefront of an exciting food startup revolution. In addition to its traditional association with cheese, wine, and delectable fresh produce, a new wave of innovation is sweeping through its business-to-business (B2B) sector. In particular, fintech startups focused on revolutionising restaurant payments and insect-for-animal-feed ventures are emerging as key players. 

Until recently, food startups in France struggled to distinguish themselves from competitors and navigate the fast-evolving landscapes of food delivery and alternative proteins. However, the tides have turned, and 2022 witnessed a transformative wave driven by foreign investors. This wave of transformation, accompanied by the rise of AgriTech, RetailTech, and Robotics, positions France as the leading force in shaping the future of the food tech industry. With these advancements, French startups are now poised to overcome challenges and emerge as innovative trailblazers in the dynamic realms of food tech, propelling the industry forward into a new era. Notably, Dealroom revealed an explosion in funding for the food tech sector in France, with the total amount of investment soaring from above €630 million in 2021 to over €808 million in 2022.

On that note, We are delighted to showcase a thoughtfully curated list of 10 innovative French startups in the food sector:

Core BiogenesisCore Biogenesis: Headquartered in Paris, the pioneering biotechnology firm Core Biogenesis focuses on the field of recombinant protein production through cutting-edge technologies. The innovative company specialises in exclusive gene editing techniques and plant biotechnology, aiming to reduce production costs associated with growth factors. These growth factors play a vital role in the clean meat and cell therapy sectors. Core Biogenesis is positioned at the forefront of the future of recombinant protein bioproduction, with a specific emphasis on supplying growth factors for cell culture applications. Since its establishment in 2020, the company has secured a total funding of €22.5 million, enabling it to drive innovation and expand its transformative impact.

FoodvisorFoodvisor: The nutrition app Foodvisor offers an impressive capability to identify food items present on one’s plate, accurately estimate their serving sizes, and promptly generate a comprehensive nutrition report. Going beyond a mere calorie counter, Foodvisor serves as a valuable tool in promoting healthier eating habits. At Foodvisor, their focus is on developing the future of personalized nutrition. Through their innovative A.I. technology, Foodvisor adapts to individual user profiles, identifying the most effective approaches to help them achieve their unique health and wellness goals. Since its launch in 2018, the Paris-based app has collected a total funding amount of over €5 million.

Bon VivantBon Vivant: With a mission to make accessible, healthy, and environmentally friendly dairy products the Lyon-based Biotech startup Bonvitant emerges. Leveraging the power of precision fermentation, the company has developed a groundbreaking innovation that pays homage to the work of Louis Pasteur. They provide alternative solutions for individuals who want to continue enjoying dairy products while prioritising their well-being, animal welfare, and the preservation of our planet. Using yeast and precision fermentation technology, Bon Vivant crafts plant-based milk options that closely mimic the texture and flavour of traditional dairy. Founded in 2021, the company has secured a total funding of €5.5 million, enabling them to further advance their innovative approach to sustainable and nutritious dairy alternatives.

Urban-CuisineUrban Cuisine: Paris-based Urban Cuisine, specialises in the creation of interconnected indoor gardens located near residential and commercial areas. Their focus lies in facilitating the production of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With a business encompassing urban farming, home design, fresh produce, agriculture, and technology, Urban Cuisine presents an innovative concept that enables individuals to grow several kilograms of produce per month from the convenience of their homes or workplaces. By eliminating the distance between seed and plate, they promote sustainability and self-sufficiency. Established in 2019, the company has successfully secured a total funding amount of €1 million, supporting its mission to revolutionise the way we grow and access fresh food in urban environments.

GenominesGenomines: World resources are depleting rapidly, with estimates suggesting they will be exhausted in the next 30 to 50 years. This scarcity is causing metal prices to soar, sometimes doubling within a few years. Shockingly, around 86% of extracted ore, containing enough metal to satisfy over a decade of consumption, goes unprocessed due to low metal concentration. Paris-based Genomines offers a sustainable solution by enhancing plants’ natural ability to accumulate metals, bridging agriculture and mining. Founded in 2021 it has raised a total amount of over €4 million.

TomojoTomojo: The Tomojo platform presents insect-based food options specifically designed for dogs and cats. Their pet food is sourced from insects and provides the necessary nutrients and protein for pets. They proudly state that their products are free from antibiotics and artificial preservatives. Additionally, they offer a subscription-based policy for their insect-based pet food. By promoting insect-based pet food, Tomojo aims to contribute to the well-being of both pets and the planet. Founded in 2017 this innovative food pet startup is based in Paris.

AviwellAviwell: Aviwell, a deep-tech startup based in Toulouse, France, operates at the intersection of digital and life sciences. Their mission is to develop sustainable feed solutions that improve animal health, ensuring food security for the world’s population. With proprietary biostatistical algorithms, microbiology and physiology expertise, and native and adaptive biomimicry, Aviwell creates revolutionary products to enhance animal growth. They aim to market these unique solutions globally. Toulouse-based Aviwell was founded in 2020 and has raised a total amount of €4.1 million. 

YEASTYYEASTY: Paris-based Yeasty utilises the natural power of yeast to produce a delectable, nourishing, and eco-friendly super-ingredient. Their mission is to create a sustainable protein source for the planet, offering an alternative option for everyone. By repurposing an industrial by-product, spent brewer’s yeast, they contribute to solving future food challenges through the circular economy. Their innovative debittering process has fully unlocked the incredible potential of this remarkable ingredient. Founded in 2021 it has bagged a total funding amount of €1.4 million.

PolarisPolaris: Quimper-based Polaris, a leader in food Tech, specialises in innovative nutritional lipids. They offer health ingredients and high-value custom manufacturing, focusing on Omega-3 from marine and algal sources under the brand Omegavie. With expertise in lipo chemistry, Polaris excels in eco-friendly synthesis processes, including enzymatic synthesis and processing of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Founded in 2014 this fast-growing startup has raised a total funding amount of €5 million.

ProteraProtera: Paris-based Protera utilises Natural Intelligence™ technology to revolutionise the food industry. Their predictive algorithms and deep learning enable faster and more affordable protein-based ingredient development. By focusing on protein engineering and artificial intelligence, Protera delivers high-value, sustainable, and nutritious food solutions that outperform existing alternatives. Founded in 2018 it has raised a total funding amount of over €19 million. 

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