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Munich-based Kertos secures €4 million to enhance automation for data privacy processes

SaaS startup Kertos is on a mission to make data security and compliance simple through automation. The Munich-based team has just secured €4 million to scale and fuel the next generation of European privacy tech.

In our evermore data-driven and digital world, data privacy and compliance are incredibly important. With tech becoming more powerful, regulations are becoming stricter, aiming to protect consumers and uphold privacy.

Navigating this world of data privacy and compliance can prove murky waters for companies, especially for startups where resources are scarce. Currently, many businesses still rely on manual processes which are complex, costly and time-consuming.

Aiming to close the gap between privacy regulation and operational efficiency, Kertos has developed a no-code solution that automates privacy operations and can operate all privacy-relevant compliance operations in one space through automated integrations and workflows.

The Munich-based startup has now secured €4 million to grow. The funding was led by Redstone/VR Ventures and saw participation from Pi Labs and seed + speed ventures, whilst existing investors 10x Founders, xdeck, and Superlyst also doubled down on their initial investments.

Kilian Schmidt, CEO of Kertos: “We are excited to have again gained such strong partners in this financing round. The participation of Redstone, seed + speed Ventures, Pi Labs, and all existing investors shows the strong execution of our team and the quick adoption to address the operational needs of existing customers such as Gorillas, McMakler, or Wellster Healthtech. With these additional funds, we will expand our product range, introduce AI-driven compliance automation, and will provide our solutions to a wider range of customers.”

Founded in 2021 by Kilian Schmidt, Johannes Hussak, and Alexander Prams, Kertos automates privacy operations, feeling a new generation of compliance adherence. Via the platform, companies can connect, discover, and operate operations in one space. This enables them to gather compliance insights in real time.

The system operates on a no-code solution with tech integrations, meaning it’s fast and easy to use. Kertos connects internal and external systems via existing (API) interfaces while leaving the operators in full control of the company’s compliance frameworks.

Philipp Werner, Redstone/VR Ventures: “We are impressed by the technical excellence and vision of the Kertos team and are delighted to be a part of their growth story. “Through its no-code solution, Kertos secures a seamless execution of global privacy & compliance regulations and implement processes with minimal personnel involvement. In an ever-increasing digital economy, for many organizations processing (personal) client data becomes the operational backbone and, therefore, a compliant and efficient data storage/management is crucial.”

These new funds will enable the innovative team to invest in further development of the platform, expand their product line and continue to grow their customer base. The Munich-based team is also entering into new partnerships and collaborations to expand its reach.

Faisal Butt, Founder and Managing Partner, Pi Labs: “Privacy is a defining social, governance and corporate issue of our time. With Kertos’ strong track record of navigating these challenges, we are confident in the team’s potential to contribute to greater business resilience, improving how businesses operate in today’s regulatory landscape.”

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