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Instruqt raises €15 million to help more companies improve their product demos and trainings

Instruqt, the product-led growth platform helping companies bring their products to life through engaging and interactive demos and training, has just raised €15 million in a Series A round led by Blossom Capital.

Founded in 2018, Instruqt is a pioneering product growth platform where learning and selling come together across every stage of a customer journey. It gives SaaS leaders the tools they need to create hands-on demos and proofs-of-concept within shareable and embeddable browser-based sandbox environments. Instead of telling buyers why they should purchase their products, they put buyers in the driver’s seat to experience products hands-on.

To date, Instruqt has helped some of the biggest names and unicorns in software and product-led growth, from RedHat to MongoDB, Datadog and HashiCorp, transform their sales and training processes. These global SaaS leaders use the platform to:

  • Build self-service demos and free test drives for prospects

  • Boost lead generation through interactive product education

  • Offer live workshops and sales demos that turn prospects into buyers

  • Provide customers with self-paced tutorials to help them onboard and train

  • Train and upskill employees

Also, Instruqt customers are using the platform for creating interactive learning tracks to give developers practical, hands-on training and experience. Due to the scalable nature of this kind of content, once customers are onboarded, companies can quickly and effectively use Instruqt to showcase new products, upsell and expand.

Instruqt CTO Adé Mochtar explained: “We know first-hand how busy buyers and users are and how many directions they’re being pulled in. For sellers to get their attention they need to give them a product experience they won’t forget. They can give buyers the reins to let them test, interact and push the software in ways that not only make it engaging but empowers them to make better, more informed decisions.”

Since launch, Instruqt has hosted more than 1.6 million training and sales demos, built by more than 2,000 active content creators to more than a million engaged prospects and learners. On average, companies using Instruqt increase their sales pipeline, while cutting presale times by a third. This leads to a 45% increase in higher quality leads, shortens sales cycles by 40% and a 320% return on investment.

The young company, led by CEO Coert Baart alongside co-founder and CTO Adé Mochtar, has doubled its customer base in 2022, tripled its revenue growth and its team has grown three-fold in the last two years alone. Baart, a serial entrepreneur, was previously co-founder of XebiaLabs, one of the first companies in the DevOps space, and successfully sold it in 2020.

Instruqt CEO Coert Baart stated: “We’re incredibly proud of the success we’ve had to date, created by offering real value that shifts the dial for our customers. Having been bootstrapped since day one, it was always going to take a VC who truly understood our vision for us to take outside capital. With Ophelia and Blossom, we now have the support and networks to take Instruqt to the next level and beyond.”

Ophelia Brown, founder and Managing Partner at Blossom Capital, added: “Instruqt hits the sweet spot for buyers and sellers alike when it comes to tackling the key challenges faced in all sizes and sectors of business. Its own growth is a testament to just how important putting products and software features at the heart of your business strategy can be and we’re delighted to not only be investing in this round, but to be Instruqt’s first venture partner.”

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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