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London-born ZOE lands €2.3 million for its nutritional health platform

London-born ZOE has just bagged €2.3 million from Steven Bartlett’s Flight Fund. The startup is aiming to harness the power of data to better connect the dots between food, lifestyle and health. 

The health and wellness space has taken a decidedly digital turn in recent years. As a result, access to health and wellness services, nutritional expertise and holistic care is becoming more accessible – and increasingly popular.

Founded in London by Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, data science leader Jonathan Wolf, and entrepreneur George Hadjigeorgiou, ZOE is a personalised nutrition company that works at the intersection of food, lifestyle and health.

The startup has just secured a fresh €2.3 million boost from Steven Bartlett’s Flight Fund. It comes off the back of a $3 million Series B extension secured in December 2022. Backed by Accomplice and Balderton Capital, ZOE has now secured over $92 million.

George Hadjigeorgiou, President & Co-founder of ZOE: “We are unbelievably excited to be partnering with Steven. Since my co-founder, Professor Tim Spector was on The Diary of a CEO talking Steven through key ZOE principles, such as no calorie counting and the impact of gut health on wellbeing, we’ve had huge interest in ZOE and our personalised nutrition programme. From working with Steven and having him use the ZOE programme first-hand, we know he aligns with our mission to double-down on health science to help more people get control of their health and improve the health of millions.”

Created by health scientists, ZOE offers personalised nutrition programmes with the aim of reimaging how we approach diets and lifestyles and improving health outcomes for users.

The programme begins with an at-home test that analyses blood sugar, blood fat responses and the gut microbiome. The results are then combined with AI and data from participants in the proprietary ZOE PREDICT studies, to generate personalised scores for any food an individual eats. Users of the service can then learn to build healthier and more sustainable daily habits with in-app tools, lessons and expert nutrition support.

The reality is, every person and every body is different. Achieving different health goals is a very personal experience, and ZOE’s platform aims to take that tailored approach to the masses.

With this new funding, the startup will scale up operations. Currently available in the UK and the US, the funds will also help take the platform to new markets.

Steven Bartlett, Founder of Flight Fund: “Once in a while I come across a company that truly has the potential to move the world forward in a profound way. It takes a great team, with a bold vision and a well executed product roadmap to do so. That is exactly what I found in ZOE. It’s a company that represents the future – health science, driven by big data, that enables us to extend not just our life-span, but more importantly our health span. I’m deeply proud to be an investor and now an ambassador of a company that I truly believe will change the world by leading the nutrition-science revolution.”

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