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Berlin-based doctorly gets a €9.4 million cash injection to revolutionise admin tasks for medical staff

Healthtech startup doctorly has raised an additional €9.4 million as it plans to disrupt healthcare software for good. The Berlin-based team wants to overhaul the sector, giving medical staff the tools they need to be more efficient and deliver better patient outcomes.

The healthcare sector is under immense pressure, right across Europe. Having to cope with the aftermath of a global pandemic, coupled with funding cuts has left medical staff and practitioners reaching record levels of burnout and stress. They simply don’t have the tools or the support to keep up with the work that is piling up, and as a result, people are suffering.

It’s reported that in Germany, for example, medical practices are still using software from the 1980s – which clearly can’t be an efficient use of time or money. According to the ‘Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung’ (KBV) statistics, (the regulator for state practising doctors in Germany), medical practices spend an average of 61 working days a year, the equivalent of three months, on administrative tasks.

Samir El-Alami, CEO and founder of doctorly: “Nearly all medical practices still use a local, on-premise network, and paper and physical disks to store and transfer data. doctorly enables medical practices to take advantage of cloud computing technologies, while providing world-class data security and privacy protection. We also provide the quality customer service levels desperately needed in the industry.” 

Doctorly want to change this and has built a regulated operating system that can cut admin time by up to half.

Funding details

  • €9.4 million ($10 million) raised in a Series A round
  • WELL Technologies, Horizons Ventures, The Delta, Speedinvest, UNIQA Ventures, Calm/Storm and Seedcamp make up the investors
  • The company will now grow its market share.

Founded in 2018 by Samir El-Alami, Nicklas Teicke, Anna Von Stackelberg, Sebastian Lau, and Alexandru Boghean, with Julian Teicke as a founding investor, doctorly is on a mission to reimage software for medical practices, and it is one of the few with regulatory approval to do so.

The company has worked closely with doctors and healthcare professionals to build a new operating system tailored to the primary care market. In doing so, the SaaS solution is simple to use, secure and easy to integrate.

Samir El-Alami: “Our current focus is to reduce the amount of time wasted on repetitive administrative tasks and processes within practices, while also delivering easier and better data-driven insights, which enables doctors and medical staff to spend more quality time with their patients in the secure knowledge that they are using software that enhances the modern standard of healthcare.” 

“We know that medical professionals are very open to digitisation, but because their mandatory, core practice software is so old and unable to integrate with modern technologies, they are simply trapped in the past. This has a knock-on effect on patients and the wider healthcare industry. This is the biggest blocker to innovation in primary healthcare and we have built a new operating system that works for them.”

With this new investment, the Berlin-based startup will accelerate its growth in German, deliver new features and functionality and help to reduce costs and time for healthcare professionals.

Samir El-Alami: “This funding round is a strong validation of our vision for a significantly better digitized and efficient healthcare system, which is backed by excellent customer feedback and very positive sales traction.”

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