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Berlin-based XbyX – Women in Balance secures new funding for its menopause marketplace

Female healthtech startup, XbyX – Women in Balance was founded with the aim of improving awareness of and access to quality healthcare advice and nutrition for women in midlife and beyond. The Berlin-based team has just raised a seven-figure funding round to expand its marketplace. 

Women’s health has long been a neglected and overlooked area of healthcare. From a lack of funding in research to a lack of awareness of the different healthcare needs and stages women pass through, there’s an urgent need to fill this gap. 

One area in particular that has been neglected is menopause – something that each and every menstruating person will pass through during their life. It’s estimated that by 2025, one billion women will be peri- and postmenopausal. For many of these people, it’s a time that comes with additional health complications but without access to quality advice and healthcare solutions.

Founded in 2019 by Peggy Peichelt and Monique Leonhardt, XbyX – Women in Balance aims to address this, offering science-based, holistic solutions for menopause and healthy ageing. The Berlin-based innovators have just secured a seven-figure pre-series A funding round for the marketplace and are set to scale. The round was led by ECONA AG alongside existing investor AUXXO Female Catalyst. 

Peggy Reichelt: “We are very happy about our round of investors, who not only give us the necessary tailwind financially, but also support our long-term vision 100 %. Menopause and midlife women’s health are thus finally getting the attention and modern perception they deserve.” 

XbyX- Women in Balance was developed based on Peggy’s own experience of perimenopause when she found there was hardly any reliable information on menopause available.  She started doing her own research, looked for solutions, self-tested and finally founded XbyX with the vision of putting female 40+ health in the spotlight and stopping the menopause stigma. 

Monique Leonhardt: “With XbyX, we see ourselves as our customers’ best friend, a conduit of knowledge and a place of understanding. We start where there is a lack of time or expertise in the healthcare sector and provide our women the knowledge they need to make educated decisions for their individual health.”

The platform offers an extensive portfolio of scientifically formulated, herbal supplements in addition to comprehensive video education programs covering hormone knowledge, weight training, and midlife weight loss. The femtech company has also developed the XbyX check which can give personal recommendations. The all-in-one marketplace, therefore, offers a wide range of solutions to address the physical and emotional challenges of menopause and beyond.

Jochen Becker, ECONA AG: “Women’s health, and especially all topics beyond pregnancy, periods and fertility, are still significantly underrepresented in the current market environment. Monique Leonhardt and Peggy Reichelt have synergistically bundled their respective extraordinary competences and opened up this market for themselves uniquely, establishing themselves as a trustworthy partner. With their unique mix of products and knowledge transfer, they are democratizing a previously unjustly neglected sector. We are delighted to be part of championing this potential for the well-being of all women.”

Since their 2019 launch, the founders have quickly established themselves in this space, leveraging both their passion, personal experiences and the su[port of an experienced medical advisory board. In 2022, the team built a loyal customer base of over 50,000 women and more than doubled their revenues.

Peggy Reichelt: “In the beginning, I was often asked why we were focusing on such a “small” niche. This shows the lack of awareness. Menopause is a phase of life that spans decades, and its implications accompany women throughout the entire aging process. Moreover, it affects every woman with a uterus – and thus half of humanity.” 

With this new funding, the Berlin-based startup plans to further expand, develop new products and offerings and grow into new markets. 

 Dr. Gesa Miczaika, AUXXO: “Back in 2019, when Monique and Peggy bootstrapped to make their vision a reality with great passion, we were excited by their idea to bring menopause out of the undeserved taboo corner. As a fund focused on female founders, we are thrilled to support both XbyX founders with our resources on their important journey.” 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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