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London-based HOMETAINMENT exceeds crowdfunding target to shape the future of hospitality experiences

Home entertainment and hospitality platform, HOMETAINMENT, has picked up about €460k (£390,000) in its crowdfunding campaign. The London-based startup is reimagining how people socialise and providing the tools to do it at home. 

Since the days of the pandemic, one thing has changed in society. More and more of us find comfort and fun in our homes. Whether it’s the growing popularity of ordering restaurant food to our homes to enjoy with friends and family rather than going to an actual restaurant or having an at-home pamper day, staying at home seems to be a continuing trend. 

Tapping into this, with a platform that offers bespoke entertainment and hospitality at home (or in the office), HOMETAINMENT was launched in 2021 and has just closed its crowdfunding campaign.

The funding

Using Crowdcube as the crowdfunding platform of choice, HOMETAINMENT has raised about €460k (£390k) to scale. This is over the initial target of about €400k (£350k) and saw 200 investors getting involved. 

The startup had a pre-money valuation of about €3.5 million. 

Co-founder Antoine Melon, commented: “We are very proud to have completed and overfunded our Crowdcube campaign. To complete our crowdfunding after just a year of operation is a great achievement. It sanctions a year of hard work from all the people who have supported us and believed in us, especially our experts – the ‘HOMEtainers.”

Shaping the future of entertainment 

Launched in London in June 2021, HOMETAINMENT is on a mission to change the future of entertainment and hospitality at home. In the UK alone, it’s a market worth billions of euros and is expected to grow by an incredible 165% in the next year. 

The platform brings quality hospitality experiences and services into people’s homes, creating living memories for guests in a location that is comfortable, familiar, and can be tied to lasting memories.

The company provides exclusive access to a select group of people who really know how to entertain from as little as £250, from Michelin star private chefs for an unforgettable dinner party, and international mixologists for an extraordinary cocktail garden party, to Café del Mar DJs, childrens entertainers and even expert tarot card readers.

Scaling up

London has a global reputation for being a bit of a trend-setter in the entertainment space and so it’s exciting to see this new wave of inspiration coming from HOMETAINMENT. 

Already, the startup has served over 2300 guests and signed some major partnerships. It’s also secured agreements with leading VIP concierge companies such as Quintessentially and Velocity Black, as well as high-end serviced apartment groups including Cheval Collection, Living Rooms and Greystar – the future certainly looks glitzy. 

The crowdfunding raise will be used to scale the platform in London as well as tap into new markets abroad and expand the variety of experiences on offer. 

Antoine added: “A huge thank you to our investors, to our HOMEtainers, to our partners, advisors and our family & friends, you are the robust ecosystem which motivates and drives us on our journey to change the future of home entertainment and to bring back the magic of Hosting at Home, bringing together friends and family, enjoying memorable experiences in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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