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Amsterdam-based Baserow bags €5 million to create a no-code toolchain

The demand for no-code solutions has been skyrocketing and innovative startups are leading the way. Building a collaborative no-code database platform, Dutch startup Baserow has just secured €5 million to launch its premium and enterprise versions. 

In recent years, low-code and no-code tools have seen steady growth in popularity, due to their effectiveness in addressing complex business challenges and their inherent simplicity to implement. As sectors have raced to digitise, low-code and no-code tools have helped businesses digitise workflows, automate processes and improve business efficiencies

Providing a collaborative no-code database platform, Amsterdam-based Baserow has just bagged €5 million in Seed funding to launch its paid premium and enterprise versions in Q3 2022 and build what is the world’s first open-source, all-in-one, no-code toolchain. The platform enables non-technical teams to capture and organize data to trigger intelligent business insights and automate processes. 

The investment was led by Inkef and firstminute capital, Seedcamp and Frontline also participated. Several angel investors such as Job van der Voort from Remote,  Martin Henk from Pipedrive and Shannon Williams from Rancher Labs took part as well. 

Before the rise of low-code and no-code tools, organisations had to rely on software developers with deep technical skills to digitise. With the increased need to digitise in recent years, coupled with a lack of skilled developers, alternative solutions have been needed. And that is where the likes of Baserow come in. Today, no-code solutions mean any user, regardless of their experience, can create workable applications collaboratively, quickly and efficiently. According to Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organisations will use low code or no-code technologies by 2025 – making this a market with enormous potential. 

Frank Lansink, Partner at Inkef, said: “We are delighted to invest in Baserow as we are firm believers of the team’s vision to build a full no-code toolchain on the basis of a scalable database. No-code adoption in the enterprise is really still in its infancy with predominantly point solutions and no real winners yet.”

The startup, co-founded in 2021 by Bram Wiepjes, was developed when Bram started a side project in which he developed an open-source database spreadsheet hybrid platform to help users curate and make sense of data within their organisations. The software was designed for non-technical users across organisations – from HR and marketing to finance and operations departments – to quickly and efficiently build personalised applications with a scalable database.

Unlike other players in the sector, Baserow is an open-source platform offering customers the choice of SaaS or self-hosting solutions, freeing users from vendor lock-in. Furthermore, users can customise the platform with personalised plug-ins which gives customers complete freedom to own and manage the applications they develop. As an API-first platform, Baserow integrates seamlessly with any tool needed to build a no-code stack. Finally, Baserow is designed for scale to remain fast and stable at huge volumes of data.  

Arek Wylegalski, Partner at firstminute capital, added: “Baserow is the tool that modern knowledge workers need. We believe that Baserow will be very popular across both the public and private sectors. Privacy is more important than ever. Baserow offers unparalleled privacy without compromising on ease of use and flexibility.”

Since the launch of the company in 2021, Baserow has garnered over 20k sign-ups and boasts more than 10k active users. It’s gained steady traction in the open-source community, with users building back-end databases for mobile applications, running AI/ML models on top of the no-code database, or organising marketing campaigns with many stakeholders. 

Olivier Maes, Co-Founder and CRO of Baserow, explained: “Baserow has found that businesses in the private and public sector space want to leverage no-code tools to create applications, manage data and automate processes for greater productivity, improve citizen services, drive faster time to market metrics and lower costs. With Baserow, customers get the best of both worlds: user-friendly no-code tools with the openness and flexibility of the open-source model. This unique proposition ensures businesses can avoid the general vendor lock-in models available in the marketplace.” 

Now, with this new funding, the startup will launch its paid premium and enterprise versions. The premium paid version will provide users with additional features including row colouring, row comments, and additional data export formats. Meanwhile, the enterprise version will offer features such as robust user management,  role-based access control and access to the enterprise team support.  

Bram Wiepjes, Co-Founder and CEO of Baserow, said: “As we launch our commercial offering, we will continue to focus on the needs of our users who want to leverage our platform to manage their business critical processes, but are limited by data governance, scalability and security constraints that make existing SaaS only tools difficult to adopt. This successful seed round will inject additional capital to expand our developer team to further develop the application builder and workflow automation modules.”

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