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German startup Staige scores €8.5 million from Borussia Dortmund to digitize sports for all

Digitizing sport, bringing performance-oriented match and training analysis for amateurs and pros alike, Staige has just scored €8.5 million from world-famous team Borussia Dortmund.

As the summer heats up, sports tech is continuing to attract a lot of attention and investment. It’s an area with huge growth potential as well as the space to positively impact the lives of millions around the world. Sport is well recognised to be part of a healthy lifestyle and brings heaps of benefits – from improved physical health, and mental wellness to personal development. 

On a mission to use AI to democratize sports analytics, German startup Staige has raised €8.5 million in fresh funding with Borussia Dortmund as a strategic investor. 

Founded under the name Soccerwatch in Essen in 2017, Staige is now a strong team of 60 working in Essen and Duisburg, Germany. The startup manufactures a camera that, using AI, autonomously records sports footage and can then stream live on the internet. At the moment, the cameras are mainly used in amateur sports. Along with an integrated coaching tool, clubs can use the tech to immediately conduct performance-oriented match and training analyses. It, therefore, democratizes sports tech that until now has really only been accessible by the pros. 

Further, the tech is accessible to all sports – whether individual or team-based. The company operates its own streaming portal, staige.tv, where more than 50k sporting and cultural events are available live and on-demand. While sports are the focal point, the tech is also used by churches and theatres. Hundreds of sports and other cultural events are added every weekend. 

Staige is already used in over 1000 locations across Europe and these new funds will help boost the team’s reach. With world-famous team Borussia Dortmund as a partner, Staige is able to enhance its market position in providing amateur sports with AI – making live streaming and video analysis more accessible and affordable. 

The startup will also benefit from the experiences and needs of Borussia Dortmund professional players. This strong collaboration is to be used by Staige to develop even better products for automated video production and video broadcasting. 

Carsten Cramer, Managing Director of Borussia Dortmund, commented: “Together, we are committed to supporting the foundation of our sport: the amateurs. The standard of our professionals should become feasible in all leagues.”

In addition to the partnership with Borussia Dortmund, the startup has also just announced a partnership with Spanish- based broadcaster Footters to digitize the Spanish grassroots football market. Footters chose Staige‘s AI solution as the best technology to produce and broadcast sports events giving supporters and parents the chance to have their kids‘ matches live and on-demand, to share it with their loved ones.

Combined with the network and experience of Footters in the Spanish sports media landscape this partnership simplifies the football club ́s entrance to broadcasting media content.

With the new funds, the company will keep investing in the quality and quantity of its products, following its plans of international expansion. New features are also expected to be added to the built-in video analysis software. 

Staige CEO Jan Taube, added: “We have been working with Borussia Dortmund for a long time. The latest developments underpin our synergies in the sports sector. Our young company is now taking the next step in its development. Supported by great investors and formed by an extremely talented and motivated team. BVB and Staige, this cooperation has been working very well for several years already. We are proud to be able to expand the partnership.“ 

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