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Finnish startup Aeromon raises €4.8 million to fuel emission reduction

As the pressure to get to net-zero carbon emissions ramps up across Europe, Aeromon is helping energy and process industries reduce emissions and avoid product loss through its unique monitoring technology. The Finnish company just raised €4.8 million. 

Across Europe, the race is on to adopt solutions that will help create a more sustainable planet – to protect it for generations to come. European governments are ramping up legislation and regulations across industries to ensure that ambitious goals are met and it’s increasing pressure on business owners to take action. 

Finnish startup Aeromon is on a mission to help the energy and process industries reduce emissions, avoid product loss, and, improve work safety with a unique emission monitoring technology. The company has today announced a raise of €4.8 million. 

A capital loan from The Finnish Climate Fund is part of the financing package, of which €2.4 million was raised from industrial investors, Vopak Ventures, and the company’s current shareholders.

Founded in 2015, Aeromon develops emission monitoring technology that includes hardware and software, providing mobile emission monitoring services to both industry and authorities. With the tech, users get more oversight on their emissions and so are better placed to take action. Customers are provided with visual, real-time, actionable data that enables better decision-making. After all, with greater awareness, more action can be taken.  Further, according to the startup, the tech leads to improved leak detection accuracy and can quantify leaking emissions 10x quicker than traditional methods. 

Already Aeromon’s services are used by companies throughout Europe to verify and quantify emissions from industrial plants and its been proven to create value in complex and demanding environments for example within oil and gas, chemical, waste management, energy, and mining industries. These industries are the key polluters across Europe so this marks an incredibly positive sign for European efforts to reach climate objectives. 

Leo Brand, CIO of Royal Vopak, commented: “The activities of Aeromon very well match with the ambition of Vopak Venture’s sustainability fund in which we identify investment opportunities in start-ups and scale-ups in new technologies to make the industry more sustainable. It is our pleasure to become an active partner in Aeromon’s journey.”

Currently, Aeromon is primarily serving silence in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia and France. The aim is to be able to serve Central European clients more efficiently by having an operational team now in Rotterdam and eventually in other major industrial cities in Europe. 

The new capital boost will also be used to further advance data analysis capabilities for rapid leak detection and accurate quantification of emissions. 

Maria Kuosa, CEO of Aeromon, said: We’re proud to be joined by a leading global company like Vopak on our journey to visualize and report leaks and support industrial companies in emission reduction. Amongst improvements in the technology and service portfolio this funding enables Aeromon to be closer to a major market by opening a permanent office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.”

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