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London-based Adadot raises €949.9k for its workplace wellbeing and performance tracker

Joining the market catering to the needs of the future of work, London-based Adadot has just picked up about €949.9k to launch a pioneering performance and wellbeing tracker for the workplace. The mission is to use intelligent analytics software to make success and wellbeing sustainable in the workplace for skilled professionals. 

Founded in 2019, the team is backed by stellar investors and advisors such as VC funds LAUNCHub and daFUND, Charles Songhurst (ex-Head of M&A at Microsoft), James Isilay (CEO, Cognism), Jane Gilson (ex-Microsoft and Google executive) and others.

Adadot is powered by highly advanced technology, which is applied to understanding and managing the correlation between performance and wellbeing at work. The software integrates productivity and collaboration tools used on a daily basis to help developers improve how they work and feel.

Similarly to a fitness tracker, it provides unique visibility into “what good looks like” for each individual whilst identifying areas for improvement. The solution is privacy-first by design giving full control and value to the individual while only providing aggregate team data to managers.

Alex Harris, co-founder and CEO commented: “When not everyone is in the office it’s really challenging to understand if you are moving in the right direction both as an individual and as a team. Most software focuses on tactical information such as the status of tasks. The burning questions however are at a completely different level: Are we getting faster or better, and are we burning out in the process?”

The tech reflects the growing realisation that doing well whilst being well at work goes hand in hand. Employees that feel supported and satisfied are more likely to succeed, and in the process, businesses can have better outcomes. 

Darko Butina from daFUND added: “Adadot addresses some of the most pressing issues connected with today’s modern work environment – the increasing burn-out issues as well as how we can better collaborate remotely. We believe that the team, spearheaded by Alex and Jason, will deliver on its promises and make today’s modern and at least partially remote work environment better and more enjoyable – and save a few people from burn-out in the process.”

Adadot’s recent launch on Product Hunt reached the coveted #1 Product of the Day spot with volumes of positive comments from the community. Adadot has also won the very competitive Innovate UK SMART Grant in collaboration with the University of Warwick to expand its offering in Artificial Intelligence and create a smart recommendation system.

LAUNCHub Ventures’s Stan Sirakov: “Doing well while being well at work is no longer a matter of a trade-off. Technical people in both in-house and remote environments need key metrics and useful insights on their performance, collaboration and wellbeing patterns. We are excited to back Alex and Jason in their quest for a more efficient and balanced work-life with a tracking solution rewarding the top performers and sounding the alarm for the overworked. By investing in Adadot we want to be a part of that positive change in the Future of Work.”

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