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London-based employee referral platform Intrro nabs €1.9 million boost to make hiring more human

Founded in 2020 by Nasser Oudjidane and Neel Shah, remote-first startup Intrro has just secured €1.9 million in a financing round led by Berlin-based signals Venture Capital, followed by DataFrame Ventures from New York and Tribe Capital from San Francisco.

Offering an employee referral platform that matches the most promising talent with the highest priority jobs, the company has grown 20x in revenue this year and is powering inclusive referral hiring at fast-growing companies like Airwallex, Riskified, Faire, Applyboard and Typeform. 

Intrro is an internationally-operating B2B software startup, launched in London, that involves employees in the hiring process through a collaborative referral platform. Intrro enables ‘warm intros’ between hiring teams and the talent in their employees’ network. This helps employers fill open roles while rewarding their staff with tailored incentives, such as referral bonuses. By leveraging the value of a company’s collective network, Intrro makes referrals systematic, scalable and adds a much needed human touch to the process.

Intrro’s own data shows that referred candidates are 7x more likely to land the job than candidates from other sources; they are quicker to hire, perform better and stay longer. But all too often, referred candidates are hard to find: they’re the smallest group of total new applicants, as there is no systematic approach to hiring through referrals. Today, ‘warm intros’ simply happen through manual processes and persistence.

Co-founders of Intrro, Nasser and Neel, have experience in recruiting talent for high-growth companies at the Adecco Group. Here, they became all too familiar with the ever-intensifying war for talent first-hand. They developed the talent sourcing platform to address the multiple pain points faced by companies when trying to fill open positions: from basic access to top talent to choosing the candidate that fits the most. The founders could see how frustrating the process was, and costly for the companies themselves. 

Intrro’s technology identifies the top performers in a company’s wider network. It then matches candidates that are relevant and are most likely to be known by co-workers, next it facilitates the introduction into the recruiter’s inbox. The software allows companies to hire more from recommendations and build an inclusive referral culture that involves everyone.

As a result, the platform enables employees to be recruiters themselves. They can attest to the culture-add and values-fit that their referred candidate would bring to a company. Likewise, the employer has the comfort of knowing that the candidate is not simply plucked from the internet, there is a credible witness to their quality. 

Christian Weniger, Managing Partner at signals Venture Capital, stated: “Intrro solves a crucial pain point for customers by providing companies with a systematic approach to referral programs. Its application to talent acquisition is only one of many future use cases. Essentially every business function that has a dealing with the outside world can be enhanced by using employee network data.”

The platform puts a human touch into recruitment and puts more importance into mission, values and culture in the recruitment process. 

The newly announced funds will be used by the young company to fuel their growth, developing their product, data science and engineering teams.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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