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Top 50: Europe’s hottest FinTech startups in 2021

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a close look at about 2,000 European early-stage startups that are working on innovations in the FinTech space. During our sourcing and reviewing process we exclusively focused on startups which were founded between 2018 and 2021.

As part of our research we’ve screened our own proprietary EU-Startups database, but also other platforms like  Dealroom, Crunchbase, and Linkedin.

After the creation of an extensive list of European FinTech startups, we’ve then started analysing them closer in order to come up with a ranking. For each company we tracked the employee count (according to LinkedIn or the company itself) and funding info, but also had a look at signals like social media followings, website traffic, the founding team, and the degree of innovation.

The result is the premium report we are publishing today, featuring 50 of Europe’s hottest FinTech startups. You can purchase/download it here for just €95 (£82).

Below you’ll find a little appetizer in the form of 5 promising FinTech startups which are also featured in our report. We’re listing those 5 companies below in no particular order. If you want to see the the full list of the Top 50 FinTech startups, make sure to download our report.

PennylanePennylane offers a full-stack financial OS for European SMEs. Customers can use the management platform to deal with all manner of financial data. The service can be used both by entrepreneurs to complete all the financial actions required to run their business, and by their accountants for bookkeeping and fiscal declarations. Pennylane was founded in 2020 in Paris and already raised about €19 million in venture capital.

Vivid-Money-logoVivid Money: Founded in 2020, Vivid offers mobile banking services and a unique digital investing platform through a single app. The app allows users to make payments, transfers, multi-currency accounts for travels, spendings reports, split bills as well as the possibility to invest in international stocks, ETFs and crypto. The fast-growing startup is headquartered in Berlin and already raised about €75 million in funding.

Primer: The London-based FinTech startup Primer is the developer of a payment ecosystem that optimises front and back-end flows. Their solution is allowing e-commerce merchants and online payments facilitators to consolidate their payments service stack by connecting third-party services such as payment service providers, fraud providers, chargeback services, and subscription billing engines. Primer was founded in 2020 and already secured about €20.7 million in financial backing so far.

Moss: Founded in 2019 an headquartered in Berlin, Moss is a payment and credit card platform for SMEs seeking to upgrade their efficiency through digital workflows. Moss provides smart corporate credit cards, digital invoice management, and automated accounting services, allowing customers to manage their spending easily and transparently. So far, Moss raised about €21 million in venture capital.

Zilch is a Buy Now Pay Later startup seeking to put customers in full control of their money and make their lives more convenient. The London-based startup boasts zero interest, zero hidden fees, zero surprises, and is committed to becoming the best way to pay overtime. Zilch also provides users with the platform to track their purchases, ensuring they have a transparent view of their finances and repayment timelines. Founded in 2018, Zilch secured about €98.7 million in VC funding until now.

In addition, our report also ranks the 5 leading FinTech hubs in Europe and takes a short look at the the biggest trends we’re currently seeing in the FinTech sector. If you are interested to read this and to also check out all 50 startups of our FinTech ranking, you can purchase/download our report here for €95 (£ 82).

The accepted payment options are PayPal and Credit Card, but you can also send an email to [email protected], and we’ll send you the report and a corresponding invoice (payable via bank transfer).

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).

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