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Berlin-based edtech startup Tomorrow’s Education raises €1.1 million to educate the changemakers of the future

German company Tomorrow’s Education announces a mission €1.1 million pre-seed funding round, led by Emerge Education, one of the most active European investors in education.

Unlike traditional, one-dimensional instruction and passive consumption of knowledge, Tomorrow’s Education’s (founded in 2020) active learning model is challenge based. It focuses on practice-oriented projects that map real-world challenges and the development of relevant skills. Rather than just accumulating knowledge, the main focus lies on developing an entrepreneurial mindset with a sustainable impact.

“We are using technology to make learning more effective. Our platform is based on learning science, and leverages artificial intelligence and constant data-driven feedback to offer a personalized learning experience,” said Christian Rebernik, co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education. “We’re all about unlocking potential and increasing the self-efficacy of every student.”

Dr. Thomas Funke, co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education, added: “When considering online classes, most people envision pre-recorded lectures or endless video calls. Such practices, based on traditional classroom instruction, have been shown to be largely ineffective, leading to minimal understanding, retention, or recall of the information being taught. Our challenge-based education format is far more intentional, dynamic, and effective. It translates into a combination of challenges and social learning, giving the students a tangible result: a truly entrepreneurial mindset rather than skills training for a specific job.”

Simultaneous to the funding round, the startup also announces the launch of a double accredited Professional Master’s program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET). The programme relies on a platform using artificial intelligence and constant data-driven feedback, and focuses on personalized, active and challenge-based learning formats. Technology is leveraged to adapt the learning path to each student’s competencies and goals. Students will interact digitally in group challenges, and have the opportunity to connect in person at international learning campus hubs.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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