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Amsterdam-based Open Social raises €1.25 million for its B2B SaaS platform for community building

The Dutch startup Open Social has just raised €1.25 million from Peak Capital and Nimbus Ventures. Founded in 2016, Open Social is a B2B SaaS platform for building online communities. With the seed capital injection, Open Social will continue to grow their team, develop exciting new technologies for their clients, and bring their innovative open-source online community software to organizations around the world.

Open Social provides an innovative online community platform for organizations that want to bring their members together online, whether it is to organize global volunteering efforts, share and generate new knowledge, drive crowd-innovation or collaborate using a digital co-working space. Since its inception, Open Social has built award-winning online community platforms for some of the largest international organizations, including the United Nations and Greenpeace.

With the fresh capital from Peak Capital and Nimbus Ventures, Open Social will further scale their services as an open-source SaaS-business to become a dominant player in the industry.

Taco Potze, the founder and CEO of Open Social stated: “In 2020, we have seen a technological evolution that would normally take two years, happen in the span of just two months. With increased decentralization of organizations comes concerns over privacy and data ownership. In this new area, our vision for an open web that inspires trusted connections and collaboration is more relevant than ever.”

Johan van Mil, Managing Partner at Peak Capital, commented: “Open Social has shown strong product-market-fit with its external community solution for NGOs. With their open-source technology and extension strategy, they are able to tailor the platform to specific requirements of clients among different industries. We have been impressed by the commercial and technical capabilities of the team.”

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Thomas Ohr
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