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Aachen-based UZE Mobility nabs €7.2 million for its responsive vehicle adtech

German startup UZE Mobility, who is behind real-time location and weather responsive vehicle advertising, has raised a seed round of €7.2 million. Its solution combines the fields of outdoor advertising, mobility, artificial intelligence and sensor technology.

Founded in 2018, UZE Mobility is on a mission to take outdoor advertising to the next level. To do this, it has built large digital advertising boards which attach to vehicles, displaying banner advertising while on public roads, responding in real-time using situation-specific data.

An example of this intelligent mobile outdoor advertising could be advertising training equipment when driving nearby a football stadium, and then changing to promote fine jewellery when driving through an exclusive shopping district. Real-time situational data on weather can also be used to determine the advertising content. For example, if it suddenly gets very warm in a certain area on a summer’s day, a large ice cream stamp can show exactly how far away the next sales promotion is. If a rain shower suddenly comes, the UZE Ads Kits can broadcast a price campaign for umbrellas from a local dealer.

A vehicle on its tour can therefore broadcast thousands of advertisements in the right place at the right time. The ‘Google of the road’ recognizes the right customers, at the right moment, in the right place.

So how does it do this? The advertising ‘boards’ are called UZE Ads Kits, which are officially approved, patented E-Ink displays which are mounted on trucks or vans. These interact with the UZE Mobility data marketplace, which is based on vast amounts of data that accumulate every second.

In this way, every vehicle in the world can be transformed into a rolling “data vacuum cleaner”, via which both consumers and fleet operators can earn money. The revenue in turn helps vehicle owners and fleet managers subsidize their transition to green mobility. Drivers decide for themselves if and when they release their data for the data marketplace. In other words, UZE Mobility gives people back control over their data and gains acceptance for its technologies and business models. 

Dr Jablovski, CEO of UZE Mobility, commented: “By intelligently combining mobility, AI and sensor technology, we are taking outdoor advertising to a new level worldwide. In the end, we will set new currencies for the efficiency of advertising”.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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