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Bucharest-based MissionCritical nabs €500K for its software robotics

The Romanian startup MissionCritical has landed €500K from Neogen Capital investment fund for its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. Thanks to this round of financing, the startup, which creates software robots for faster process automation in companies, is valued at over 5 million.

Founded in 2016, the startup offers companies the opportunity to “recruit” a digital workforce in the form of reusable software robots, alongside their human resources. This technology, based on artificial intelligence, can quickly perform various repetitive processes that can be standardized and automated, in order to save time for employees and allow them to focus on more complex activities.

RPA technology is used in almost all business functions, from human resources, to finance and marketing departments. With it, companies can set up a robot or software to manipulate data, trigger automated responses, or communicate with other digital systems. Companies that already use MissionCritical’s solutions include Ana Hotels, Athénée Palace Hilton, Courtyard by Marriott or Xerox Romania, and the startup also has strategic partnerships with Bit Soft, Bittnet, Microsoft and Neogen.

“We are dealing with the most important challenge of the traditional RPA industry – extensive investments and an uncertain time frame until the process efficiency begins. Customer expectations are totally different, they want to be able to automate business processes in a short time, and our business model comes to their aid, accelerating the use of software robots in companies,” says Mario Popescu, CEO of MissionCritical.

“We are witnessing a dramatic change in the work process as we knew it until now. Companies will survive by streamlining processes, by adapting as they go and using all resources, human and digital, as efficiently and creatively as possible. The digital – non-digital barrier is getting thinner and thinner. In order to survive, you have to use technology”, said Călin Fusu, CEO of Neogen.

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Charlotte Tucker
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