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Berlin-based Medloop raises €6 million to make healthcare preventative

German-based Medloop, the startup aiming to shift healthcare from reactive to preventative, has received €6 million in investment to enhance its product offering and continue expansion across Germany and the UK. The investment was made by Kamet Ventures and AXA.

Founded in 2018 by Berlin-based entrepreneur Shishir Singhee, Medloop offers thousands of patients intuitive self-service features that enable them to navigate their own care pathway. Furthermore, the app provides other patient services, such as online appointment bookings, electronic medical results, prescription refills, as well as an interactive chat function. 

Medical practices in Germany use the Medloop doctor system to run their entire practice, from the online waiting room to quarterly billing. Moreover, the seamless connection between the doctor software and the patient app allows doctors to have an overview of their patient population as well as a personal connection to each individual in it.  

The investment from Kamet and AXA will be used to leverage the current infrastructure of Medloop and expand its product offering to help doctors deliver preventative care in Germany and the UK. To this end, Medloop is developing an evidence-based medical rule engine embedded on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of patients. This tool will enable doctors to obtain a risk-stratified view of their patient population, and proactively optimise patient care to improve outcomes.

In order to facilitate its entry into the UK market, Medloop achieved compatibility with EMIS last summer. EMIS is the largest of four major principal clinical systems in the UK, supplying healthcare software solutions to over half of NHS General Practice surgeries. As such, over 33 million patients in the UK who are registered with EMIS-powered surgeries, can simply download Medloop from the app store and connect using unique linkage keys provided by their doctor. 

Additionally, Medloop was recently awarded a place in the GP IT Futures framework by the NHS, which solidifies its position in the UK market by allowing it to be centrally procured at scale by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the UK.

Medloop founder and CEO Shishir Singhee, said, “Healthcare today has become increasingly impersonalised as ever-growing patient registers have made it challenging for doctors to treat patients in a bespoke way. Medloop strives to bridge this critical gap, by employing technology to empower patients and help doctors deliver proactive and holistic care.“

Stephane Guinet, CEO of Kamet Ventures, said, “It is no secret how overstretched doctors are in terms of the time and care they can offer each patient. Medloop’s offering is a novel solution to this challenge and we are very excited to be part of Medloop’s growth story given how critical its offering is to the UK market and beyond.”

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