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Amsterdam-based Harver raises €13.5 million for its recruitment platform for companies hiring at scale

Amsterdam-based Harver provides pre-employment assessment software for companies hiring at scale. The startup allows employers to intelligently evaluate and automate all aspects of candidate selection, while fighting against unconscious bias.

Founded in 2015, major companies such as Netflix, Uber, Booking.com, and Heineken are already using Harver to digitally transform their candidate selection process into an pleasurable experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

The startup has just raised €13.5 million in Series B financing led by Insight Partners, bringing the total raised by the startup to €31 million. The investment will further accelerate Harver’s vision to reinvent the volume recruitment process through digital automation.

“With our technology, we’re able to digitally transform the candidate selection process of large enterprise companies around the globe. We empower recruiters to match candidates better and faster while eliminating all bias from the decision-making process,” said Barend Raaff cofounder and CEO at Harver. “This substantial investment from Insight Partners will give us the support we need to expand our product and connect with more companies looking to innovate and transform their recruitment practices.”

“In just a few years, Harver has completely transformed the candidate selection process of enterprise organizations worldwide,” said Peter Segall, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “They offer solutions that revolutionize how companies evaluate and hire top talent. We are excited to continue our partnership with Harver and see it evolve into an industry leader within the recruitment technology space.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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