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London-based Zava raises €28 million to roll out its digital healthcare platform across Europe

London-based Zava is a digital healthcare provider that connects patients with a doctor in minutes online, and allows medicines to be delivered directly to patients’ homes.

Founded in 2011, the telemedicine startup has now raised €28 million in Series A investment from HPE Growth, and plans to integrate its service into healthcare systems in Germany, UK and France.

Zava’s mission is to build healthcare that is accessible and dependable, at a fraction of today’s costs. Patient doctor interactions on its platform are based on clinical questionnaires which save time for both doctors and patients, while maintaining quality and safety. Since 2011, Zava has provided over three million paid consultations across six markets in Europe – one million of which took place in 2018. Every month almost 100,000 patients access Zava from the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland to seek advice, tests or treatment for a growing range of conditions.

Popular products on the platform so far include treatments for chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, sexual health including contraceptives, antibiotics, and STI test kits, as well as skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

“In a world of an ageing population and rising costs, healthcare systems are at a breaking point,” said David Meinertz, Zava co-founder and CEO. “Barriers are put in people’s way that stop them from getting the support they need. Zava exists to break down these barriers – costs, access & information. Enabling people to do more of what matters to them. Zava’s mission is to build healthcare that is accessible, dependable and a fraction of today’s cost.”

Zava will use the investment to further accelerate its growth including building out its world class team in order to expand its medical offering and reach its ambition of becoming the world’s leading digital healthcare provider. The funding will also help to expand Zava’s business in existing markets and to grow pan-European and then globally.

“Zava offers a unique and highly scalable model to deliver a more convenient healthcare experience to patients while radically improving the efficiency of healthcare professionals, enabling healthcare systems to reduce the overall costs associated with primary care,” said Harry Dolman, partner at HPE Growth.

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Mary Loritz
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