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Stockholm-based Dicopay raises €4 million for its invoicing and payment app for entrepreneurs

Stockholm-based Dicopay is a billing service that enables lightning fast payment for entrepreneurs, with an app that allows them to invoice and get paid immediately.

Founded in 2017, Dicopay has now raised €4 million to accelerate the company’s expansion. The investment round was led by Schibsted Growth with participation from Resurs Bank and Moore Strategic Ventures.

Dicopay launched its mobile billing service with direct payment in September 2018. Its vision is to revolutionise the entire service sector with its app, which removes time-consuming administration and enables the entrepreneur to get paid immediately after the work done.

“We really like the way Dicopay helps small business owners,” said Dan Ouchterlony, Investment Manager at Schibsted Growth. “With their solution, companies can focus on doing a good job instead of administration. Entrepreneurs who help entrepreneurs with fintech is something we want to invest in.”

“We are very pleased to welcome new investors and partners to Dicopay,” said Marie Lundberg, CEO of Dicopay. “Schibsted, with its strong position in the media and digital services, will be a valuable expansion partner for us when we broaden our marketing and sales channels. The choice of Resurs Bank as a partner for our checkout solution gives us the opportunity to further expand our offering and offer a completely unique smart solution for SMEs. We are also looking forward to working with Moore Strategic Ventures and taking advantage of their valuable financial expertise and insights.”

“For us, the partnership with Dicopay makes it possible to step into the small business segment, a target group that we have not previously targeted our payment solutions but where we see that Resurs Checkout and Dicopay together can create a strong customer offering,” added Anna Nauclèr, CCO of Resurs Bank.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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