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Norwegian startup Ducky raises €330k for its platform to tackle climate change

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity today. If carbon emissions aren’t reined in within the next decade, the Earth and society will suffer irreversible consequences. Norwegian startup Ducky is taking on climate change with its innovative tools to measure, educate, and mobilise people to take action on carbon sustainability.

Ducky’s platform offers a range of products based on world class climate and environmental research data, where you can monitor your personal footprint in their climate calculator, learn about climate psychology, and reduce carbon emissions through friendly team competitions. The startup provides tools for businesses, organisations, and schools to mitigate their impact on the climate. Founded in 2014 and based in Trondheim with offices in Oslo and Stoke, UK, 15,000 people have already participated in competitions on Ducky’s platform.

Just three days after launching its promotional page for investors, the Frost Foundation and three other investment groups decided to invest €330k in Ducky, demonstrating the growing interest in impact investing. The startup’s investment campaign will continue through February 22.

“For us, the purpose of Ducky was the most important aspect of this decision. Through an investment, we can help Ducky succeed in engaging millions of people to live more sustainably,” said Per Frost, Chairman of the Frost Foundation. “In addition, we like how Ducky aims to set up the business as a commercial business so that rapid growth and profitability for us as impact investors is possible. If they succeed, it will enable us to grow and invest in new ventures!”

The new funding will help the startup meet its growing demand, and help launch its solution in the international market. After Ducky was mentioned in a TED talk by renowned climatic psychologist Per Espen Stoknes, weekly requests from organisations, schools, businesses and universities around the world have been flowing in.

“This investment round allows us to scale now and take advantage of all the queries that have already appeared in our US, UK, Europe and Asia inbox,” said Ducky’s co-founder Mads Simonsen.

Ducky has collaborated with foremost climate researchers in the development of its unique algorithm that calculates the effects of its users’ behaviour. Data so far shows an average improvement of 32% more sustainable behaviour after the campaign period.

Large companies such as Ruter, KLP Banken and IKEA Norway have already used Ducky to engage their employees, and according to Sustainability Manager Anders Lennartsson at IKEA, it has been a great success.

“The level of both participation and engagement was far above what we expected, and I am convinced that a platform like Ducky is exactly what we need to demonstrate the positive effect of working together towards a common goal,” said Lennartsson.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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