Wrocław-based medtech startup Genomtec receives €2 million for its mobile diagnostic device


Wrocław-based startup Genomtec has developed a mobile laboratory device for disease diagnosis. In only 15 minutes, it is able to identify dangerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Genomtec has received a grant of €2 million through the Fast Path program, the flagship initiative of the National Research and Development Center, to further develop the company’s R&D.

Genomtec ID is a diagnostic device based on the amplification and detection of specific DNA and RNA fragments. Diagnoses using Genomtec ID can be performed both in humans and animals, and can be used by hospitals, doctors, laboratories, as well as in the agriculture and food industries, and for environmental contamination control.

The financing will allow Genomtec to further develop its system for mobile molecular diagnostics. Soon the device will be able to diagnosis Lyme disease, respiratory tract infections, cerebrospinal meningitis in children, and staph infections, according to Miron Tokarski, the founder of Genomtec.

Using Genomtec, anyone can perform a simple diagnostic test without prior training, and the device will process the results within 15 minutes and deliver it to the user’s email, with close to 100% accuracy.