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Finnish MedTech startup The Mealplanner aims to fight diet related diseases with €1 million in funding

The Mealplanner, a Finnish MedTech startup which was founded in 2016, has just secured €400K in funding from TEKES and additional €300K from an undisclosed group of private investors. In 2016, the young company already raised €300K, so the total amount of seed funding for The Mealplanner is now at €1 million.

The startup is based in Pori (Finland) and will use the fresh capital to make a real impact in the nutrition field by fighting diet related diseases. The ambitious team currently consists of 18 people working on the Mealplanner solution – also with the goal to digitize the nutritionist work. The comsumer product of The Mealplanner is called FoodToDo and is an app-based personalized foodhealth solution.

Sophie Michelin, the Founder and CEO of Mealplanner stated: “We believe that we can help dietitians reinvent their profession to become much better professionals and fight against insulin-resistancy, obesity, overweight, diabetes, hypertonia more efficient. Tech can also help to prevent these diseases, and it’s time for a change, since obesity and diabetes become one of the biggest challenges in healthcare.”

The innovative solution of The Mealplanner aims to connect all the new tech solutions such as health trackers and smart watches with your diet or meal plan. This way your diet will be adjusted according to your stress/energy level, glucose/fat level and so on. In case your situation will start to aggravate, you can consult a dietitian inside the Mealplanner platform who will come and track your progress in the future.

Since The Mealplanner gives the Dietitians the modern tools to track their clients better, it might become easier for them to manage their clients and eradicate obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

The main aim of The Mealplanner is to eventually prevent all these diseases in the early stage. You might have the predisposition to obesity or your parents have diabetes, but that genetics is not all. With the right diet and monitoring you might never experience these kind of problems. The Mealplanner team also plans to integrate their solution with variable HORECA so you’ll be able to get a personal food recommendation from the menu of the  restaurant nearby.

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Thomas Ohr
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  1. That’s a great initiative. Hope your solution will help in solving diabetes and obesity. Diabetic myself , I think
    it would help me and my dietitian in tracking my goals.

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