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Hello Ladies – an introduction to Sprinters

Many people don’t believe I grew up playing football. My mother would say, football is not for girls. But that never deterred me. Challenging norms has been an integral part of me since a young age. Football as we know it is all about positioning – being in the right place at the right time. That’s what we’re doing at Sprinters. We break barriers. We set the blue print. We kick start a revolution. Sprinters, the three day startup for women, is coming. Save the date 31st October – 2nd November 2015. That’s right. Days before the Web Summit.

There are a growing number of startup organisations, many miss the mark on serving female entrepreneurs. Some simply do not offer the same opportunities for both sexes. This is one of countless reasons why Sprinters was born. The “unconscious bias” against women in technology as recently highlighted by dotcom entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox is another.

At Sprinters, we connect with startup ecosystems to support female led startups. Sprinters sets the framework, in essence a launchpad set to challenge the status quo. A week before the three day sprint, participants complete an online boot camp. This covers startup basics on lean methodology. Learning key principles prepares participants for the three day sprint that lies ahead. Across the three days participants form teams, start working on ideas with a view to launch and pitch by day three.

Reflecting on our experience in startups and hackathons across Europe, South America and Africa we – myself and Co-Founder Saskia Naujok believe the online boot camp will optimise value in anticipation of the three day startup. We are deflecting away from ‘the sleep deprived hacker’ stereotype. Preparation is key.

Sprinters comes to fruition in the run up to the Web Summit. Whilst many are challenging the virtue of the Web Summit we are giving you an additional reason if not ‘a reason’ to head over to Dublin this month. Show your support for female led startups, get involved in this incredibly exciting opportunity today! Connect by emailing me – [email protected], participants click here to apply. Make history. Hello Sprinters, join the movement #WSWSgirls #fliptheratio #shedidit

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Mevish Aslam
Mevish Aslam
Mevish is the founder and Nomad in Residence at Terminal3.co and Sprinters.co. She empowers remote workers to leave the office cubicle to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

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