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Pitch University helps you improve your pitch to investors (Sponsored)

Pitch University is here! Storytelling is imperative for an effective pitch, and Joachim Günster has the background and experience to create the memorable stories every startup needs. Utilizing his new YouTube channel, the StorySculptor is now helping startups around the world improve their pitches for investors.

Investors are human, just like anyone else, and humanity has used stories to captivate audiences and disseminate information since the stone age. Our forefathers made large sweeping movements with their arms and used their fingers to help illustrate elongated canine teeth, and this was enough of a story to send everyone in the camp running for cover when the saber-tooth tiger was on the prowl.

Through Millenia of storytelling, our brains have been formatted to process news and information as stories better than any other way. In dramatic contrast, the human brain has only recently learned to use and process facts. Therefore the evolution of our brain has made it much more difficult for us to understand facts than stories.

Stories awaken emotions. They make us feel something deep inside ourselves. Facts simply do not. Reach your audience on an emotional level, and you win. It’s that easy.

The StorySculptor, Joachim Günster, developed Pitch University to help new startups communicate their product and message. Here’s how it works: People and companies upload their pitches to his YouTube channel; Joachim watches them and provides video feedback on how to improve them using exciting and persuasive stories. Sounds interesting to you? Sign up now!

All videos are publicly uploaded and can be separately searched. In the near future, Joachim envisions a public collection of videos that guide young companies toward making the perfect pitch.

“Making a good pitch into a captivating story is often just about details,” says the StorySculptor. “Most of the time, the story is missing a villain or lacks a strong opening.” Joachim also makes clear that his focus is the pitch; not the product itself. “That’s a job for the founders and investors. I simply ensure that the product is being shown, explained, and sold in the best way possible.”

Joachim’s mottos is quite simple: No Story. No Business.

His book of the same name is available as both a free app-based download and in print. His Slideshare presentations have been called up tens of thousands of times, and his online courses have been booked by thousands of people around the world. For more information on the StorySculptor, his program and his latest book visit his blog at www.storysculptor.net.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).

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