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Delivery Hero is shutting down the Pizza.de headquarters

That was fast! Only about 6 weeks after the acquisition of Pizza.de, Delivery Hero today announced that the Pizza.de headquarters in Braunschweig will be closed in three steps until August 2015.

To date at the Braunschweig location there are a total of 128 employees working, of which 47 are immediately affected by the gradual closure. At present, 81 working contracts will remain in place for now. According to Delivery Hero there are about 50 job vacancies available in Berlin right now and applicants from Braunschweig would be treated preferentially. Delivery Hero also stated today, that neither customers nor restaurant partners of pizza.de will be affected by these changes.

Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero, said: “Pizza.de is a strong brand, in which we will continue to invest.This should however be done in the future in Berlin”

During the last weeks, the management team of Delivery Hero came to the conclusion that only by concentrating the German business in Berlin will ensure clear synergies that are necessary to serve restaurant partners at lowest possible cost. After the acquisition of Pizza.de, Delivery Hero is well positioned in Germany – with over 10% market share of all food orders (according to Delivery Hero).

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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